The 15 Best CBD Oil Reviews In Detailed

Complete Guide To Choose Best CBD Oil For Pain Relief, Anxiety And Stress

CBD Oil has garnered a lot of popularity in recent years. Many people are using CBD oil to treat various ailments. In some parts of the world, cannabis products are still frowned upon, but CBD oil has been gradually gaining global acceptance. People and authorities as well have started to appreciate the healing properties of CBD oil. CBD oil can indeed provide relief from Stress, Anxiety, and back pain.

Let’s first find out more about “What CBD oil is” before we get to the various CBD oils available in the market.

What is CBD Oil?

CBD Oil is extracted from Marijuana or cannabis plants. However, it does not contain Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) which is the compound that causes the intoxicating effects of marijuana. Marijuana has both THC and Cannabidiol (CBD) compounds. Marijuana plants have more THC and CBD, while cannabis plants have more CBD than THC

Cannabis plants are, therefore, the most preferred when making CBD oil. The CDB compound has been proven to have immense health benefits. Many people love it for its ability to provide relief from pain. On the other hand, THC is intoxicating. It makes people feel “high.” Many people abuse marijuana because of this psychoactive compound. It’s the reason marijuana and cannabis have been banned and frowned upon in many parts of the world for a long time.

Once you are able to distinguish between the two, you are able to appreciate the health and medicinal benefits of CBD Oil.

CBD Oil has been proven to provide relief for the following physical and mental health conditions.

  • Inflammation
  • chronic pain
  • Insomnia
  • sleeping disorders
  • Anxiety
  • depression
  • stress
  • Acne
  • Neurological disorders

Other potential benefits:

  • Antipsychotic effects
  • Treatment of diabetes
  • Substance abuse treatment
  • Anti-tumor properties
  • Treating heart-related complications

How Does CBD Work?

cbd oils,hemp oil

Cannabinoid compounds are attached to receptors when introduced into the body. Your body naturally produces cannabinoid receptors when traces of cannabinoid are noted. There are two types of BD receptors. They are CB1 and CB2. CBD compounds are attached to these receptors when they get into the body so that they are able to move around and function.

CB1 receptors affect functions related to body coordination, movement, emotions, thinking, mood, memory, pain, and appetite. THC compounds usually attach themselves to CB1 receptors. That’s why it causes severe psychotic effects.

CB2 receptors roam within the immune system. They mainly control pain, inflammation, and sensitivity. Cannabinoid compound activates more CB2 receptors than CB1. That’s why it has a pain relieving effect. It can cause a bit of numbness as well.

Does CBD Oil have Side Effects?

CBD oil does have some side effects. You can expect one or a couple of the following side effects if you are using CBD oil.

  • Impaired motor functions
  • Hypotension
  • Light-headedness
  • Dry mouth
  • Fatigue

CBD oil has also been found to affect the absorption of a certain type of drugs. It affects livers enzymes as well. You should get your liver checked regularly if you are under CBD oil therapy. It is always important to get the advice of a doctor before you start using CBD oil. Keep seeking the doctor’s opinion about your health, even as you continue to use CBD oil.

You should not use CBD oil when

  • pregnant or lactating
  • Overweight and working out
  • driving
  • operating heavy machinery

The benefits of using CBD oil far outweigh its side effects. If you use CBD oil properly, you’ll be able to enjoy its many health benefits. Consult a physician if you experience any extreme side effects after using CBD oil.

Is CBD Oil Legal?

Yes, it is many countries have legalized the use of cannabis products for medicinal purposes. 40 states in the U.S have legalized the production of cannabis products for medical and recreational purposes. You can buy CBD oil online from any online or physical store. The cannabis industry is already worth hundreds of billions of dollars in the Americas.

Some countries still have very strict laws against any cannabis-related products. People in such countries are not able to use CBD oil yet.

10 Best CBD Oils For Stress, Anxiety, and Back Pain Relief

There are different brands of CBD oils on the market. As a result of the soaring demand, every store has hundreds of CBD Oil products. There are a lot of CBD Oils out there claiming to heal all sorts of ailments. If you have never used or bought CBD oil before, you wouldn’t know where to start. We want to make sure you spend money on the best CBD oil when you decide to buy some.

There is a lot of poor quality CBD Oils on the market.  Below is a review of 14 of the best CBD oils in the market. The review will highlight the capabilities, pros, and cons of the oils, as well as any other relevant information about them. The aim of the review is to ensure you get the best CBD oil even if you have never bought any before. Tag along and let’s get you the best CBD oil.

  1. Pure Hemp Botanicals CBD Oil

Pure hemp Botanicals CBD oil is made by a Colorado-based company with locally-sourced and organic hemp plants. The company manufactures vape kits, mints, softgels and concentrate crystals as well. The Pure Hemp Botanical CBD oil is their most popular product. The oil is quite potent. It is commonly used as an additive in various ways.

You can add the oil to an e-cig or atomizer and vape it as well. You have complete control over how you mix and does whatever you want to vape. The oil has a light gold color, which normally indicates that the oil has undergone a lot of processing and filtering. Pure Hemp botanicals claim that oil has been lab tested and proven to be quite potent though.

Most CBD oils have a signature herbal scent. That signature scent is still present in this oil. It is an early and pungent smell. The oil has two ingredients- the industrial hemp oil CBD concentrate, and the organic hemp seed oil. The oil has no additional flavor.

Pure Hemp Botanicals hemp oil tastes like any other CBD oil. The signature taste of CBD oil is very specific, and usually not so pleasant. It is kind of heavy and tart. This oil is a bit lighter though. It is, therefore, easy to quickly swallow. It won’t be too annoying if you can swallow it fast. Normally, you will take a very small portion of the oil.



  • The oil is quite potent.
  • It is easy to swallow
  • The oil is gluten-free and cruelty-free
  • Its tests are done by a third party lab


  • The manufacturers do not provide any details about the manufacturing process.

Overall Review On Pure Hemp Botanical CBD Oil

The fact that Pure Hemp Botanicals CBD oil is tested by a third party lab, and the tests are posted online, inspires confidence in it. It is a sign that the manufacturing company is ready to stand behind their product as its capabilities are being ascertained.  There is no doubt that there is enough CBD content in the Pure Hemp Botanical CBD Oil. It would be effective in relieving pain, stress, and anxiety. It is indeed worth the money it costs.

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  1. Medterra CBD Oil for Anxiety

Medterra CBD Oil for Anxiety

Medterra is yet another CBD Oil that boasts of having been processed from locally grown cannabis. The Oil is made from Kentucky grown hemp. It is available in dosages of up to 3000mg CBD per bottle. The oil is processed by CO2 extraction method. The extraction is apparently done under strict guidelines from the Kentucky Department of agriculture.

What is the color of Medterra CBD Oil? The Oil is almost clear, with a mild white murky tint to it. The light color means the oil has undergone intense processing and filtering. CBD oil would naturally be brow or Gold. It could have a tint of green as well. The green color indicates plant residue. Medterra CBD oil’s almost clear color means all cannabinoids and terpenes have been filtered from it.

Surprisingly, the Medterra CBD oil has no smell whatsoever. That is quite unique. CBD oil would naturally have a very distinct and not so good smell. The manufacturer does not reveal how they get rid of the smell though. The lack of smell is a great thing for those who dislike the normal CBD oil smell though. Some people find it too pungent to even take the oil.

Yet again, the Medterra CBD Oil is surprising by being flavorless. The natural CBD oil flavor is quite distinct and not so nice as well. This oil only has a very mild after-taste that you can easily miss if your taste buds are not very sensitive. The natural taste of CBD oil is always a turn off for many people. Such people can use the Medterra CBD oil with no qualms.



  • The oil is made from organic non-GMO hemp
  • It is tested by a third party lab
  • It doesn’t have a pungent smell or nasty taste
  • The oil is completely free of THC and terpenes


  • It is costly

Overall Review On Medterra CBD Oil for Anxiety

First, Medterra gets their CBD oil tested by a third party and the results are posted online. That confirms that potency and purity of the oil. Second, CO2 extraction method is the industry’s highest standard of CBD extraction. The method uses temperature and pressure to process the hemp plant. The CBD compounds are easily retained under such conditions, then when solvents are used.  Medterra has been documented to be one of the best CBD oils for anxiety. It has the ability to calm your nerves. It might be a bit costly, but that normal of any quality product. The oil is certainly worth every penny that it costs.

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  1. Green Roads CBD Oil

Green Roads is one of the most popular CBD oils, thanks to its ability to relieve pain. Green Roads is a Florida-based company producing various CBD products. It is one of the biggest producers of CBD products in the U.S. The Green Roads CBD oil contains full-spectrum and crystalline isolate CBD. That means it has high CBD potency and contains other beneficial cannabinoids and terpenes as well.  Many of the other brands are not able to isolate the beneficial cannabinoids and terpenes from those with psychoactive effects.

The Green Roads CBD oil has a murky white color. It would be a clear liquid, but it has been mixed with vegetable glycerin. The lack of any brown or gold color means it has been properly processed and filtered. The oil does not have the characteristic smell of CBD oil as well. The manufacturer must have removed it in a way. Instead, it has a faint smell of the vegetable glycerin. The taste is that of the vegetable glycerin as well. It is not as tart as the other oils.

Unfortunately, the vegetable glycerin smell and taste are not any better than the natural ones. People who have issues with CBD oil taste and smell might still have issues with the Green Roads CBD oil. The smell and taste are mild though. You can easily swallow the oil.

You will get the lab results of the CBD oil by simply scanning the QR code on the oil bottle. The tests are done to ascertain both potency and purity. Green Roads CBD oil is tested by a third party lab. Green Roads has a policy where you can return the oil within 30 days if you are unsatisfied.



  • The oils are quite potent
  • Oil tests are done by a third-party lab
  • You can return the product if unsatisfied
  • Green Roads Uses co2 extraction method


  • The Vegetable glycerin does not do much to improve the taste and smell of the oil
  • The oil is costly

Overall Review On Green Roads CBD Oil

As usual, third-party potency and purity tests show that the CBD Oil Company is genuine and trustworthy. Green roads also use CO2 extraction methods, which are the best when extracting CBD from hemp. Green roads have a very friendly customer approach as well.  Green Roads CBD oil is renowned for its pain relieving properties. It is used widely by people who have chronic pains because of one reason or the other.

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  1. Nutiva Organic, Cold-Pressed, Unrefined Hemp Oil

Nutiva Organic CBD oil from Nature Vitality is extracted from organic non-GMO hemp plants grown in Canada. The oil is very rich in essential fatty acids. The oil had the ideal 3:1 ratio of omega 3 to omega 6 fatty acids. The oil is extracted through the cold press process, and no solvents or heat is used. The resultant oil is rich in antioxidants and fatty acids and does not have any chemicals.

The Nutiva organic CBD oil has a mild natural cannabis aroma and has a fresh nutty flavor. You would not call it pleasant, but it cannot be said to be nasty either. The mild aroma and flavor make it easy to swallow.

The oil is a great supplement for your ketogenic or gluten-free diets. The oil is very effective in reducing pain, inflammation, and anxiety. The oil has a light green color because it is unrefined. It is extracted from hemp plants that still have chlorophyll.

There are no published test results on the potency and purity of the Nutiva Organic CBD oil. There are a couple of reviews that claim that it has THC, and causes psychoactive effects. We did not note any such effects from our tests but the potency of the oil seemed to be rather low. The oil certainly has some healing properties though, and it will soothe pain and inflammation.

The Oil is unrefined, but the strain of hemp it is extracted from contains very little content of THC. The oil is extracted from green hemp plants which have almost zero THC as well. That explains why, the cold press process is possible, and the oil has mild smell and taste. Green hemp plants do not have a strong smell as those that have dried up.  You should not heat the oil as you prepare it. It is best used with smoothies and salads.



  • The oil has immense health benefits
  • It is effective in soothing pain and inflammation
  • It contains helpful fatty oils and vitamins
  • The oil does not have a foul smell or taste


  • There are no potency tests of the oil available
  • It’s unrefined natural could mean the presence of harmful terpenes

Overall Review On Nutiva Organic CBD oil

Nutiva Organic CBD oil seems to have a lot of health benefits. Many CBD oils are usually not known for their nutritional benefits. Nutiva Organic CBD has essential fatty acids and vitamins. That’s a big plus. The only glaring concern is the lack of published potency or purity tests. CBD oil is a sensitive product whose contents, potency and purity should be made public. There are no complaints about the oil causing any psychoactive effects though. If anything, the oil is quite effective in soothing pain and reducing anxiety. Nutiva Organic CBD oil is indeed recommendable.

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  1. CBDMD oil


CBDMD oil is claimed to be the number one American brand due to the numerous health benefits associated with its use. The product is manufactured by the Kentucky Company and the oil is made to offer full spectrum benefits.

The oil is made using organic materials therefore, safe to use as it is not associated with any adverse effects. The industrial hemp is used and then terpenes and phytocannabinoids are added in order to give a full-spectrum end product. The final product is rendered free of THC reducing the chances of dependence and addiction among the consumers.

The company ensures that all its products undergo a third-party laboratory test. Before distributing the CBDMD oil to the market, it is first taken to an independent laboratory where it tests to ensure that it is safe are done. In the process, THC presence in the product is tested. The only product that is rendered fit for consumption is the one which is THC free. The cautious and the new customers can then get a manual hardcopy of the laboratory results from the manufacturer. The results are also posted online in downloadable form for the ease of access.

The company manufacturing the oil also offer a free shipping policy. To make the product easily accessible to the customers. A maximum of two working days is required to ensure the product reaches the customer safely. There is a formulated return policy by the manufacturer. A customer can return the product if not satisfied and a full monetary refund is done.

The CBDMD oil is consumed sublingually. In this method, the oil is placed under the tongue where absorption takes place. This is the best site of consumption as maximum absorption occurs facilitating more potency and a wide range of health benefits. The oil is distributed in varying concentrations, minimum being 300mg and maximum one at 5000mg.

Dosage is another important factor to consider while using CBDMD oil. To come up with a suitable dose, one needs to take the body’s weight and then half it. The figure obtained corresponds with the recommended amount of the oil one needs to consume every day. However, this method does not fit everybody due to the difference in the body’s physiology and chemistry among the different individuals.

The product has been proven to be effective in the management of many health conditions. For instance, people suffering from chronic claim relief after taking CBDMD oil. The oil is also used in the management of depression, anxiety, and stress.



  • The oil is relatively cheaper, therefore, easily affordable
  • The company offers free shipping policy
  • There exists a return policy if one is not satisfied with the product
  • It offers many health benefits


  • The product is not flavored therefore unpleasant taste and smell in some users.

Overall Review On CBDMD oil

CBDMD oil is claimed to offer many health benefits such as pain relief. The product is subjected to third-party laboratory testing to ensure that it is free of any harmful substances. All the raw materials are organic in nature reducing the chances of causing adverse effects. The product retails at a cheaper price as compared to other oils, therefore, recommendable.

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  1. Elixinol CBD oil

Elixinol CBD oil is a product manufactured by Elixinol Company. The product is manufactured using organic materials through the carbon dioxide process. This is a very ideal process as the end product is free of chemicals and other harmful substances. It is for such reason that the products manufactured by this company are very popular among the consumers.

The color of Elixinol CBD oil is a clear indicator of the purity of the product. For instance, a product that appears greener implies that less filtering was done. On the hand, opaque or murky CBD oils suggest that vegetable glycerin has been added to the product. The above mentioned CBD oils are recommended for consumption. The Elixinol CBD oil is made using the carbon dioxide cinnamon, MCT oil, and organic peppermint extract making the product to have a clear gold color.

The oil is subjected to a third-party laboratory test. The microbiological contamination, potency, pesticides, heavy metals, and terpenes profile are tested. There exists a downloadable CBD oil third-party testing and analysis. The lab results after screening for six heavy metals and 24 pesticides showed no such contaminants in the product. Posting such results online increases the trust and confidence of the consumers.

The consumers of the product suggest that the product is very useful. The product improves the homeostasis and general wellness of the body. It has analgesic property, therefore, useful in the relief of chronic pain. The oil is also ideal in the treatment of depression, anxiety, and inflammation. In addition, the oil promotes a natural pleasant feeling without posing any adverse effects. Some studies show that Elixinol CBD oil reduces seizures in people suffering from epilepsy. The other major benefit is that the product is used as a prophylaxis. This, in turn, reduces the chances of contracting diseases.

The oil has a natural and cinnamintflavor. This is ideal as it tends to mask the unpleasant taste of the hemp oil. The product has a cinnamint smell. All these features make the product pleasant thus easy to consume. Elixinol oil can be consumed directly by placing under the tongue or by adding water to the mixture then drinking it.



  • The product provides a wide range of health benefits
  • It is useful in managing pain, seizures, inflammation, depression, and anxiety
  • The oil is safe as it is manufactured using the carbon dioxide technology
  • It undergoes third-party testing, therefore, contains no harmful substances


  • There is no documented dosage information. It is easy to overdose or under-dose

Our Take

Elixinol oil is a wonderful product that has a lot of health benefits. The oil is made using the recent carbon dioxide technique leading to the production of clean end products. Therefore, safety is promoted as there are no adverse effects associated with its consumption. It is with no doubt that Elixinol is worth trying.

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  1. Nature’s Script CBD oil

Nature’s Script CBD oil is a popular oil due to the numerous health benefits associated with its use. The product is made of non-GMO industrial hemp and the manufacturer uses the carbon dioxide extraction method. It is for this reason that the product is clean and therefore, of high quality as all the harmful substances such as heavy metals are isolated during the process.

Different brands of Nature’s Script CBD oil exist in the market. They include the e-liquids, gummies, topical gel, capsules, oils, hemp syrup, and pet oil. The varieties give one a choice of choosing the product they get satisfied with. The gummies are the most popular and can be taken regularly as they work as daily vitamins. The gummies have a high content of sugars that help to generate energy in the body of the consumers.

The hemp syrup has flavors just like the gummies. The e-liquids are in three flavors that are standard in nature. The tinctures are a blend of CBD, MCT oil, hemp oil, and grape seeds oil. The capsules are similar to the human oil but the pet brand contains a mixture of hemp oil, CBD, and MCT oil. To relief pain topically, the hemp pain rub is made to offer cold therapy. There are doubts among the consumers whether or not artificial flavors are added in the e-liquids and oils the company manufacture. It is suggested that the juice watermelon taste could be artificial flavour however, the company has not come out clear about this claim.

To promote transparency, the company subjects the product to a third-party laboratory testing. The hired laboratory do tests on the product to investigate whether it contains unwanted chemicals and other dangerous substances. Upon approval by such laboratories, the company can release the product to the market. The entire process is essential as it ensures that only the products that are safe for consumption reach the customers.



  • The company varying brands to meet each customer’s taste and preference
  • The product is safe to use as it first undergoes third-party lab testing
  • All the ingredients used are organic hence no side effects
  • Provides a wide range of health benefits


  • The company lacks personality and person while updating their websites on issues concerning lab testing.

Our Take

Nature’s Script CBD oil is manufactured entirely using organic ingredients. The product is, therefore, does not pose any danger as it does not cause any negative side effects. The consumer has a choice of selecting the brand due to the existence of several varieties. The health benefits associated with its use are numerous. The company, however, should own up the results they post on their website concerning third-party testing.

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  1. NuLeaf Naturals CBD oil

NuLeaf Naturals CBD oil is manufactured through a combination of subcritical and supercritical carbon dioxide extraction methods. These methods ensure that dangerous solvents and chemicals are not used resulting in a cleaner and safe end product. Fractional extraction is done first making the product to be extracted a lower pressure and temperature facilitating the removal of the remaining oils. Cannabinoids, phytochemicals, and terpenes are extracted and preserved resulting in a very potent end product.

In addition, to ensure that the product is safe and effective to use, the NuLeaf Naturals CBD oil is subjected to a third party lab testing. In the process, common contaminants for example mycotoxins, heavy metals, and residual solvents are checked to facilitate the safety of the product. It is claimed that the product has been approved as a wonderful substance with the ability to treat and prevent a significant number of diseases.

The product is manufactured by the NuLeaf Naturals Company that was founded in the year 2014. The company claims that all its products are made of organic materials. They, therefore, possess no or minimal adverse effects.

The NuLeaf Naturals CBD oil is made up of 100% organic hemp oil. The product has a unique, leafy, and pungent smell imitating that the organic hemp oil. The presence of this smell in the product indicates that no flavoring and additives have been added. The best product is the one with clear, true gold color. These colors show that the product was manufactured well by processing it for more times.

The oil has a woody and tart taste. This taste is not that pleasing but this is an indicator of a pure and high-quality product. Some companies try to mask this taste by adding additives and flavors. However, these attempts have failed because the natural taste of the pure CBD oil is so strong. There is no recommended daily dosage as this entirely varies from person to another. A drop of NuLeaf Naturals CBD oil contains 2.4mg of the CBD oil. This is generally enough to the beginners. A drop of the product is placed under the tongue and kept for a minute before swallowing it.



  • The product provides a variety of health benefits
  • It is safe to use as it is manufactured using a cleaner method
  • It undergoes third-party testing ensuring that is safe and effective
  • The oil is effective in the management of pain, depression, seizures, and anxiety


  • Its taste is sometimes unpleasant in certain individuals
  • There is a lack of a standard dosing regimen

Our Take

NuLeaf Naturals CBD oil has been proved to offer a variety of health benefits. The product is also safe to use as it possesses no adverse effects upon consumption. It is made using organic raw materials and the recent technology that promotes cleanliness is employed. To create trust among the customers, the company subjects this product to the third party laboratory testing. It is for those reasons that one cannot hesitate to recommend the product.

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  1. Populum CBD oil

Populum CBD oil is manufactured by Populum Company. This company was founded by Olusoga and Gunhee Park, as they had experienced the benefits of the hemp oil. The two decided to come up with a product that improves the status quo of the consumers. There are three brands of the product that exists in the market. They are the cooling hemp rub, hemp oil for pets, and full-spectrum oil found in three varying concentrations.

The cold therapy hemp rub promotes the relief of joint and muscle pain. It is, therefore, used in the management of chronic pains. Populum also promotes quality sleep. The product is manufactured in three strengths. 250mg oil promotes the calmness of the consumer. The 500mg one has been shown to be effective in enhancing good sleep. On the hand, the 1000mg oil promotes deep relaxation.

The oil is manufactured using cold-pressed orange oil promoting a light citrus taste. For flavors, coconut and grape seeds are added to the product. The end product has a pleasant taste for comfortable consumption.

To ensure that the product is potent and safe to use, the manufacturer ensures that it undergoes third-party testing before distributing it to the market. An exhaustive analysis is done to ensure that the product is free of any harmful contaminants. The consumer is provided with a hard copy of the lab results if required. Similarly, the laboratory results are then posted online where the interested consumers can download and ascertain that the product is safe and has all claimed benefits.



  • The hemp used to make the product is organically grown thus no adverse effects
  • The company provides free shipping option hence reducing the cost of accessing it
  • The manufacturer provides a risk-free 30-day free trial option for cautious and new customers
  • The oil provides a wide range of health benefits
  • It suits those individuals who are irritated by unpleasant taste and smell as it is flavored.


  • The product is expensive as compared to other existing brands making it not readily affordable.

Our Take

Populum CBD oil is gaining popularity due to its many benefits. The product does not cause negative sides effects when consumed as it is made up of natural raw materials. Consuming the product does not cause discomfort as it has pleasant smell and flavors. The manufacturer also provides a free 30-day try option for new or cautious customers. By so doing, the consumer has a window period to test its effects therefore, decide whether to purchase it at the end. It is worth trying the product. However, the Populum is claimed to be a bit expensive making it not easily accessible. People facing financial constraints can try other cheaper brands for convenience.

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  1. Plus CBD oil

Plus CBD oil is a product that is extracted from organic hemp plants. The product is claimed to a wide range of benefits due to its high-quality property. Some of the health benefits of this oil are pain relief, treatment of diabetes, cancers, sleep disorders, anxiety, and seizures. Many brands of the product are manufactured by the company.

Plus CBD oil drops is also referred to as tinctures. This is the popular method in which the product is dosed. To get the required dose one just puts a number of drops under the tongue to facilitate maximum absorption. The company adds flavors to these oil drops improving its taste and smell promoting convenient consumption. The major setback is that Plus CBD oil drops do not offer full spectrum benefits as some of its potency is reduced during the manufacturing process.

Plus CBD spray is the way through which the product is dosed. This is a dropper bottle attached to a spray. The method is more preferred as it is gentle and when sprayed into the mouth the product spreads out allowing fast absorption. The spray comes in either café mocha or peppermint flavors to conceal the unpleasant taste of the raw CBD oil.

Plus CBD oil capsules

Plus CBD oil capsules are ideal as it is easy to get the right dosage. The capsules are also easy to carry around unlike liquids. The capsules are rawly enabling the consumer to get vitamin E and short-chain fatty acids improving one’s health in the process.

The oil is also dosed as Plus CBD oil Balm. This is different from products that are liquids or where there is a concentration to be ingested. This brand is meant to be applied topically on the skin but it is not readily spread within the body. The Balm contains both short-chain fatty acids and vitamin E that improve the health of the skin. Vitamin E and short-chain fatty acids act natural emollient and have both anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties. 100mg of CBD is contained in a 1.3-ounce jar of Plus CBD oil Balm.

The consumer can also get the daily dose of the oil by consuming Plus CBD oil gummies. This product is flavored to improve its taste and smell. Consuming the product is thus comfortable as the unpleasant taste is removed. The gummies are also cheap making them affordable among many consumers. They are, however, not as strong as capsules.

The newer dosing method is the concentrates one. This is a concentrated form of the CBD oil contained in a delivery tube. 85 servings of the CBD each with a concentration of 17mg are contained in the delivery tube. Consumption is done by putting the dispenser in the mouth and then extracting one drop of the concentrate to obtain the dose.



  • Many varieties exist enhancing taste and preference
  • It provides numerous health benefits
  • Transparency is promoted as the product undergoes third-party testing


  • Quality of the product can vary especially when the hemp is contaminated with other substances

Our take

Variety of Plus CBD oil is manufactured currently. The consumer has a chance of verifying which one works best. The hemp oil used to make the product is purely natural therefore, no associated adverse effects. The oil is quite easy to swallow as the company conceals the unpleasant taste with flavors. The product also retails at an affordable price hence it is recommendable.

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  1. Hemplucid CBD Oil

Hemplucid CBD oil is all-natural and is mixed with vegetable glycerin that makes it easy to mix with water. When taken with water, it gets into the bloodstream almost instantly. Nano-technology is used in processing the oil. This makes the CBD particles very microscopic and hence readily bioavailable. Hemplucid refines their oil to different degrees. It has three CBD oils with different colors and potency.

The unrefined Hemplucid tinctures are green in color.   The green color indicates the presence of chlorophyll. This CBD oil is normally extracted from Green hemp through a cold press process. There is a bright gold tincture as well. This one has been refined properly, and there are no traces of chlorophyll. Hemplucid CBD oils have not additives or flavors. The oil has the signature cannabis smell. Many find it pungent. It has a not so pleasant taste as well.

Hemplucid also extracts CBD oil from hemp seeds. The hemp seed oil is full-spectrum has an omega 6 to omega 3 ration of 3:1. That is the ideal ratio for a human. These are essential fatty acids that have immense benefits to the body. This tincture has an earthy smell, and the taste is not that nasty. It cannot be said to be good though. The oil also contains potassium, calcium, zinc, and magnesium all which are essential materials to the body.

Hemplucid CBD oil has no published potent or purity lab tests. There are many impressive reviews about it though. Many of the reviews have hailed the oil as very potent, and effective. The dosages range from 250 mg to 1500 mg. The 1500mg bottle goes for about $200. That is quite a fair price if it is indeed as potent as it is said to be. Hemplucid oils can be taken in a variety of ways, but they should not be vaporized. The oils are weakened by heat. Ingesting, sublingual application and inhalation are some of the best delivery methods.



  • Hemplucid oils are 100% organic
  • They are toxin and cruelty-free
  • The CDB oils are effective in soothing pain
  • They are fairly priced


  • There are no credible lab test results that can ascertain the potency and purity of the oils.
  • The CBD oil’s nasty taste and smell make it difficult to swallow them

Our Take

There is nothing tangible to ascertain the quality of the Hemplucid CBD oils, but we cannot discredit it because it has sold and attracted impressive reviews. This all-natural organic CBD oil has many health benefits. It contains an array of helpful fatty acids and minerals. The price is quite fair as well. Many similar CBD tinctures are quite costly. Hemplucid CBD oil is definitely worth a try.

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    1. Joy Organics CBD Oil

Joy Organics CBD Oil

Joy Organics is a family-owned company that produces high-quality CBD oil. Joy Smith is the founder and proprietor of Joy Organics. She was inspired to start the CBD oil manufacturing business after struggling with sleep apnea and chronic pain for a while. She has a very strict control process for her CBD oil. Joysticks to providing the purest, organic and bioavailable CBD oil.

Joy Organic tinctures come in one ounce bottle of between 250 mg to 1500mg. The CBD oil is flavored. You can choose from a wide range of flavors. Orange, lemon, mint are some of the flavors available. The CBD oils come as hemp seed oil, CBD-infused grape seed, orange, lemon, or peppermint oil.

Joy Organics CBD oil has a mild gold color. It is extracted from pure hemp sourced in Colorado. The oil is extracted using food grade ethanol to ensure all the cannabinoid and Terpenes are preserved. The oil is then refined and distilled to remove any traces of THC.

Joy organics CBD oil is tested in-house by the company. The company tests for purity and potency, and the results are posted on the company’s official website, and an easy to interpret manner. While there have been no third party tests to ascertain the tests done by Joy Organics, there have been no disputes or complaints about the potency or purity of the tincture.

Joy Organics CBD oil can be delivered to the body in all manner of ways. The best way depends on the results you are looking for. Always ingest, inhale, or apply sublingually if you want the CBD content to quickly get into your bloodstream. Joy Organics oil can be used for relieving chronic pain and treating depression and anxiety.



  • The oils have nice flavors and it’s easy to swallow
  • The CBD oil is quite potent
  • It is priced fairly
  • It is toxic and cruelty-free


  • There are no third-party tests on the oil
  • The solvent extraction is not the best. The oil is completely refined though

Overall Review On Joy Organics CBD Oil

Joy Organics CBD oil has all the green lights of effective and real CBD oil. Going by the company’s test results, the oil is quite potent and pure. The CBD oil could do better in the market if it has third-party test results though. The CBD oil is made with the best hemp plants from Colorado. It is properly extracted and refined to ensure it does not have any toxins as well. Joy organics CBD oil is designed to make it easy for the everyday user to take. The CDB oil is indeed recommendable.

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  1. Endoca CBD Hemp Oil

Endoca CBD Hemp Oil is CBD oil obtained from sun-grown hemp originating in the countryside outside Barcelona in Spain. Endoca Company manufactures the product by applying supercritical carbon dioxide extraction methods. The hemp used is purely organic. The product is Good Manufacturing Practice certified. It is also tested in other labs to satisfy its safety before been supplied to the consumers. The company is also involved in the manufacture of both decarboxylated and raw oils.

The raw product is green in color. This is because the hemp oil is organic and during the manufacturing process, the raw material is not processed further after carbon dioxide extraction. On the other hand, decarboxylated CBD oils have a golden color. The Endoca CBD oil has a medium-thick viscosity.

The color of the oil varies depending on the level of processing. The three main forms in which CBD oil comes in are decarboxylated, raw, and filtered.  The raw oil possesses other compounds not filtered out such as terpenes, chlorophyll, and very small plant materials. The reason behind this is that there is no further processing beyond the original extraction. In the end, the raw CBD oil is green in color due to the presence of such unfiltered materials.

The filtered CBD oils are golden in color. This is because the product is decarboxylated and filtered before the packaging is done. This product tends to be expensive as it contains the highest concentration of the CBD.

The decarboxylated oils have one carbon atom removed from the carbon chain during the heating process. The CBDA is converted to CBD. In the end, the decarboxylated oils have a dark green to green color and are of thicker consistency at room temperature.

The different types of Endoca CBD hemp oil have varying smell and taste. The raw oils have microscopic plant materials suspended in it. It is for this reason that such products have an earthy, oily smell. All the decarboxylated oils have the same oil smells. The Endoca CBD oils have a tart taste.



  • The product has been proved to be of high quality
  • Before selling it to consumers, the product lab tests to enhance safety
  • The oil possesses a wide range of health benefits
  • Varieties exist to satisfy customer’s taste


  • The unflavored Endoca raw oils have an unpleasant smell

Overall Review On Endoca CBD Hemp Oil

When evaluating the hemp associated products, quality control is an important factor to consider. The lab tests done before distributing the product to the consumers prove that Endoca oils are of high quality and therefore, safe for human consumption. All the ingredients are organic hence instances of adverse effects are rare. For those reasons, one cannot hesitate to recommend it.

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  1. BioCBD+ CBD Oils

BioCBD+ CBD Oil is a formula that is research-based and its aim is to promote maximum bioavailability in the body of the consumer. The proprietary blend of this product is the Ayurveda that contains magnesium, cellulose, curcumin, and starch. This product is made up of CBD that is 100% water-soluble and bioavailable. This is an added advantage over the other CBD oils since a water-soluble substance is easily carried to further tissues facilitating maximum absorption.

Individuals using oil-based products would require more CBD than the one using the water-soluble form to initiate the same effects. Furthermore, BioCBD+ CBD oils convert all the active ingredients in the product into nanoparticles. The nanoparticles are very small, therefore, easily transported and absorbed. In the end, only a small amount of oil is required to meet the desired effect helping to cut down the cost of repeatedly buying another one. Magnesium and curcumin present in the product hasten the healing process in the body.

BioCBD+ undergoes lab tests before selling it to the distributors and consumers. The tests are done by other laboratories to ensure that the product does not contain harmful substances for the purpose of the consumer’s safety. The results are then posted on the manufacturer’s website where anybody can access it. The company also gives the “feel the difference’’ money back guarantee. In addition, the manufacturer offers a scholarship fund to the people who cannot afford this product.

BioCBD+ oil in the gel form has a flavor that tastes good. The concentrates have a pleasant taste that in return increases the production of saliva making it hard to hold the product for more than 90 seconds.



  • The product is easy to use
  • It is not associated with any adverse effects as all the ingredients are natural
  • It has a good flavor
  • It has been proved to be of high quality


  • The manufacturer does not provide the dosage per milligram
  • The gel can only be consumed orally
  • The oil can cause discoloration of the clothes when they come in to contact

Overall Review On BioCBD+ CBD Oils

It is with no doubt that with BioCBD+ CBD oils promising. Its ability to dissolve in water makes it more popular as it is easily transported and absorbed in the body. As a result, the consumer tends to use smaller amounts of the product to initiate the required benefits helping extra money. The product is also all natural, therefore, not associated with any negative side effects. Since the advantages outweigh the disadvantages, BioCBD+CBD is an essential product.

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Best CBD Oil for Pain

As already mentioned, CBD oil can be used to calm the pain. It is an option for people suffering chronic pain for one reason or the other. CDB oil’s ability to soothe pain has fuelled the continuing legalization and acceptance of CBD oil as a form of medication. For instance, in Colorado, 92% of the people that use CBD oil and other cannabis products are seeking to reduce pain. After all, there is nothing you would not do when you are in pain.

When it comes to pain relief, some CBD oil brands are better than others. Before we get to look into the various CBD Oils that are effective in reducing pain, let’s first look into how CBD actually reduces pain and inflammation.

How Does CBD reduce pain?

First, we have already established that CBD does not cause psychoactive effects like other types of cannabinoids. Actually, your body produces cannabinoids on its own. They are known as endocannabinoids.  The naturally-occurring cannabinoids control sleep, pain, immunity, coordination, and responses in the body.

When you take CBD oil, the CBD content is quickly attached to the endocannabinoids and activates them. The activated CBD receptor will restore sleep if you couldn’t sleep. They will soothe any pain and inflammation that you might be having. Your immune system might improve as well. Many are times people have reported feeling relieved from various physical ailments after taking CBD oil.

Another reason why CBD oil is preferred over other chronic pain medication is that it does build tolerance. CBD Oil provides a long-term solution for chronic pain. You can take it for years, and it will soothe the pain or inflammation any time you need it to. You will not need to raise the dosage at any point either.

CBD oil can provide relief for people with painful conditions such as arthritis, diabetes, cancer, fibromyalgia, and others.

The Following are some of the CBD oils that are effective in reducing pain.

3 Best CBD oils Exclusively For Pain

  1. Green Roads CBD Oil

Green Roads CBD oil is quite effective in soothing pain. No wonder it is one of the most popular brands of CBD oils. We have already reviewed Green roads CBD oil above. Refer to the review if you need detailed information about Green Roads CBD oil.

Green roads have a potency of 0.52% per milligram. Its high potency supplies enough CBD compounds to activate the endocannabinoids in your body and relieve pain. The oil is available in dosages of 100mg to 1500mg. It also contains kosher vegetable glycerin which has high nutritional value. Green roads CBD oil should certainly be your number one option if you are dealing with chronic pains.

Due to its popularity, Green Roads CBD oil is costly.

Are there any other options?

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  1. Medterra CBD Oil

Medterra CBD oil is yet another incredible relief for pain. Medterra is mainly known for its ability to reduce anxiety, but it is a strong remedy for pain as well. Refer to the Medterra review above to find more information about this unique CBD oil brand.

Medterra is available in dosages of between 300mg to 3000mg. Each condition requires that you take a specific dosage. Ensure you consult with your physician about the dosages. Medterra is very potent, and an overdose could cause some side effects.

Medterra is yet another costly CBD oil. It is worth every cent that it costs though. CBD oil is generally not cheap, and any cheap brands are most likely sub-standard or fake. Due to the unregulated nature of the CBD oil industry; there are many fake products on the market. Medterra is one of the real-deals though, and it will help you deal with your chronic pain problems.

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  1. Nuleaf Naturals CBD Oil

Nuleaf Naturals as a very popular brand of CBD oil as well. The company has done well in proving credibility, and the effectiveness of the oil. Nuleaf Naturals is also an ideal option if you are struggling with chronic pains. The full Nuleaf Naturals CBD oil review is available in the reviews section above if you have never heard of it.

Nuleaf Naturals CBD oil is available in dosages of 240 mg to 4850 mg. The oil is fully organic, and it contains no additive. It is, therefore, very potent.  You should consult with your doctor to find the right dosage for you. It is easy to overdose with the Nuleaf Naturals CBD oil.  The oil has been hailed by many users in reviews as being able to reduce pain, anxiety, and even improve the immune system.

Nuleaf Naturals is a bit less costly than both Medterra and Green Road oils, but it still cannot be said to be cheap. It is one of the most respected and credible CBD oils on the market though. It will certainly provide relief from chronic pain.

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You should be able to access one or several of the CBD oils if you have chronic pains. Many people result in CBD oil when they develop tolerances for other pain medication. You might experience a couple of side effects of CBD oil since you have to use it regularly if you have chronic pain. The side effects are nowhere as adverse as those experienced with prescription medication. People are different, and some might not experience side effects.

It is very rare to have withdrawal symptoms when you stop using CBD oil. If anything, the chronic pain returns when you stop suing taking CBD oil. In as much as CBD oil is not prescribed in hospitals, it is important that you consult your doctor about. The doctor will give you the proper dosage and directions of use.

If you have tried everything and nothing has stooped your chronic pains, you might want to try CBD oil. CBD oil is being legalized to be used for chronic pain in various places around the world. A quick search on the web will show you where you can buy, either of the oils above.

CBD Oil for Depression

cbd oil for drepression

We had already mentioned that CBD oil remedies psychological disorders such as depression. There are millions of people around the world who are suffering from depression. CBD oil has been proven to be quite effective against depression.

Depression is a mental condition that hampers the normal way of human thinking. It will affect how a person thinks, feels, and respond to various situations. It often causes a feeling of displeasure with most of the things that surround the affected person. The condition will always reduce a person’s productivity and in some severe cases, the person might not be able to work at all. Depression could make a person suicidal as well. Depression can plague anybody regardless of age or social status. It is more prevalent in teenagers and young adults though. More women and men suffer depression as well.

Depression is caused by the reduction of serotonin and dopamine hormones in the body. The hormones help you remain in control of your emotions. Dopamine, in particular, is the hormone responsible for happiness and excitement. Depression is always a result of an unpleasant event in a person’s life, and life challenges in general.

The following are some of the symptoms of depression.

  • Continuous anxiety
  • Persistent body pains
  • Continuous body fatigue
  • Displeasure in activities you previously loved doing
  • Addition of weight
  • Change of sleeping
  • Increased anger
  • Suicidal thoughts
  • Loss of concentration
  • Loss of appetite

Experiencing any or a couple of these symptoms does not automatically mean that you are depressed. You should seek the opinion of a doctor if you experience any of these symptoms persistently for a fortnight.

  1. Causes of Depression

The following are some of the factors that could cause depression.

  • Weak emotions
  • The environment
  • Genetics – the condition can be inherited.
  • A chemical imbalance in the brain.

Depression Risk Factors

  • Traumatic life events such as bereavement, divorce, financial problems, work issues
  • Bad Childhood
  • Drug abuse
  • Head injury.

Consequences of Depression

  1. Drug abuse. Many seek consolation in intoxication.
  2. Risks contracting diabetes or cancer
  3. Low self-esteem
  4. One might become suicidal
  5. The condition might be inherited by children

How CBD Oil Works To Fight Depression


Researches have revealed that CBD oil is quite effective in treating depression. People who used CBD oil have also been found to be less likely to suffer depression.

As mentioned above, the human body naturally produces endocannabinoids. The endocannabinoids are responsible for enhancing the immune system. These receptors are responsible for your psychological wellbeing as well.  When CBD attaches itself to them, they become active and work better to stabilize your emotions and thoughts.

CBD oil also promoted the production of the hormone serotonin. Serotonin is a naturally produced hormone that stabilizes emotions and helps you to calm down. When serotonin levels decrease, it becomes quite easy to get upset or irritated by little things.

CBD oil also promotes the development of neurons in the hippocampus. Hippocampus is the part of your brain that enables cognitive thinking and memory. The neurons there need to keep getting replenished as old ones wear out. People will suffer depression is the development of new neurons is hampered.

Lastly, CBD oil allows you to sleep more soundly and comfortably. When you are able to sleep properly, you are less likely to suffer depression. Depression might be caused by lack of sleep as well. Your body refreshes when you sleep properly, and you are able to think and reason more clearly.

What is the Best CBD Oil for Depression?

Below are two of the best CBD oils exclusively for depression.

  1. Green Roads CBD Oil

The Green Roads CBD oil comes on top yet again when it comes to CBD oils for Depression. Green Road CBD oil is one of the most potent CBD oils on the market.

Green Roads CBD Oil is available in a variety of dosages. You should take a dosage of 40 mg to 160 mg to treat depression. Sublingual application or vaping is the best way to take Green Roads CBD oil for depression. These methods allow the CBD to get into your bloodstream and to the brain right away.

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  1. Pure Hemp Botanicals CBD Oil

Pure Hemp botanicals CBD oil is quite effective in fighting depression as well. The oil is organic and very potent. We have already reviewed Pure Hemp Botanicals CBD oil above.

You can vape, swallow or apply the oil sublingually when using it to reduce depression. The oil is available in dosages of between 250 mg and 1600 mg. You should consult with your doctor about the most appropriate dosage for your depression condition.

CBD oil has been proven to be more effective in treating depression than antidepressant medication. Your body might build a tolerance to the antidepressant as well. Your body can never build tolerance for CDB oil. You might become dependent on the anti-depressant medication, and start abusing it too. CBD oil works best when it is combined with psychotherapy.

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CBD Oil for Parkinson Disease

CBD Oil has been proven to be a great remedy for Parkinson disease. It may not be a cure, but CBD therapy helps stabilize people with Parkinson. You are also less likely to suffer Parkinson disease if you take CBD oil.

cbd oil for Parkinson Disease

Parkinson disease is a progressive disorder to the nervous system, and it mainly affects movement and coordination. It is classified as a neurodegenerative disease in the central nervous system in the medical field. The disease mainly plagues elderly people. Up to 6 million people in the world have Parkinson disease. The disease is attributed to a genetic predisposition, head injuries, exposure to pesticides. The medical field has not been able to exhaustively explain how it occurs though.

Parkinson disease manifests itself as tremors on various parts of the body, mainly the hands. The main symptom of the disease is stiffness and slow movement.  The main symptoms include;

  • Impaired balance.
  • A shuffling gait.
  • Slow speech

Parkinson has secondary symptoms as well. They include;

  • Dementia, memory loss, and confusion.
  • Male erectile dysfunction.
  • Difficulty swallowing and excessive salivation Anxiety, insecurity, and stress.

Causes of Parkinson Disease

Loss of Dopamine-producing Cells

Dopamine is responsible for proper communication between the parts of the brain that control coordination and movement. It is not very clear why dopamine reduces, but it known to reduce with age. When dopamine levels go too low communication between the two motion-control centers of the brain is impaired.


There are instances where Parkinson has been noted to be hereditary, although the condition is idiopathic in most instances. That implies that it happens sporadically without any plausible cause. Scientists have established the certain genes are pre-disposed to Parkinson disease though, after studying several families.

Other causes include;

  • Environmental triggers
  • Presence of Lewy bodies in the brain cells

Risk Factors of Parkinson Disease

  • Old age
  • Men are more likely to get Parkinson than women
  • Exposure to toxins
  • You might be at risk if there is an immediate member of your family that suffered the disease.

How Does CBD Oil Fight Parkinson Disease?

The occurrence of Parkinson disease is very much similar to that of depression. CBD oil fights Parkinson in a similar fashion, as it fights depression. CBD oil does not cure Parkinson disease, but it makes it more tolerable. CBD oil helps to manage the condition and avoid deterioration. One might become incapacitated if the condition deteriorates.

CBD Oil FOR Parkinson Disease?

The endocannabinoids produced by the body regulate the life span of cells. When activated by CBD, the endocannabinoids enhance the re-creation of brain cells in the central nervous system. The anti-inflammatory properties of the CBD are believed to be neuroprotective as well.

Best CBD Oils Exclusively For Parkinson Disease

Elixinol CBD oil

Elixinol CBD oil is a great option for anyone trying to manage Parkinson disease. CBD oil is quite potent and very pure. You need a pure CBD tincture so that you are able to take it in ways that send it directly to the bloodstream.

The best way to take the oil would be to apply it sublingually or inhale it. These two methods ensure the CBD content gets to your brain cells as fast as possible.

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Nuleaf Naturals CBD Oil

Nuleaf Naturals CBD oil is yet another incredible option for anyone battling Parkinson disease. It is not a cure but it can help manage the condition.  The oil can also be taken in a variety of ways, but inhalation and sublingual application are the best ways in this case.

Both Elixinol and Nuleaf Natural CBD oils are available in a variety of dosages. Take time to consult with your doctor and find out the best dosages for yourself. A dosage of between 70 mg and 300mg is ideal for Parkinson disease cases.

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How do You Take CBD Oil?

There are so many ways of taking CBD oil. CBD oil is not just for sick persons. You can take it to supplement your general health and keep diseases away. Let’s look at 4 of the most interesting ways of delivering CBD oil into the body.


  1. Inhalation/Vaping

Inhalation has been used since time immemorial to deliver recreational stimulants into the body. The modern inhalation of CBD oil is a bit improved though. A vape pen is used these days. Electronic vape pens are available these days as well. You just put a drop of the oil into the pen; the pen will heat up the oil to evaporate it. The evaporated oil combines with vapor, and you can inhale it as would inhale a cigarette.


Inhalation is the best method to deliver CBD oil into the body if you are trying to treat psychological or emotional problems. It is the best method if you are dealing with depression or anxiety.

  1. Sublingual Application

A sublingual application is best when you are trying to treat chronic pains and other physical problems. It involves placing a few drops of the CBD oil under your tongue. Many people do not like this method, especially if the CBD oil they are taking does not taste or smell so nice.

cbd oil dosage for Sublingual Application

The sublingual application ensures that CBD compounds are absorbed into the bloodstream right away.  They are immediately absorbed by capillaries and mucous membranes when you place the oil in your mouth. You may have to put up with the nasty taste and smell if you have been trying to deal with physical conditions such as pain.

  1. Ingesting

Ingesting is arguably the easiest way to deliver CBD oil into the body. It is ideal for children, who might not be able to inhale, and the foul taste might be too much for them to keep in the oil under their tongue.

Luckily CBD oil can be infused with foods, candy, chocolate, and other ingestible stuff. It is, therefore, quite easy to get the children to ingest CBD oil.

Ingesting dosage for cbd

Ingesting is not the best way to delivery CBD oil into the body if you are seeking immediate effects. It will have to go through the digestive process and metabolism by the liver before it can get into the liver.

  1. Topical Application

The topical application involves the use of CBD oil infused lotions, shampoos, slaves, and moisturizers. It the ideal method if you have skin conditions, or if you have pain that you can feel on the surface of the skin. Applying the CBD oil lotion to the painful part is a great way of specifically targeting the pain.

It will relieve you of the pain quite fast. This method is only effective with the uppermost cells of your skin though. The CBD oil compound does not get into the bloodstream. CBD oil lotions and slaves are a great remedy for skin inflammation. You can use them to treat cuts and scrapes as well.

There has been a lot of creativity in the delivery of CBD oil into the body. Each method can be used in many different ways as well. For instance, ingestible CBD Oil can be put in coffee, smoothies, pasta, popcorn and many other foodstuffs.

How is CBD Oil Extracted?

CBD Oil extraction begins with CBD-rich plant materials. Hemp is the most preferred plant when to CBD extraction. Hemp is a strain of cannabis, whose THC levels are very low, as compared to those of marijuana.

CBD oil should be made from pure hemp that is grown in non-contaminated soil. The hemp plant pulls out toxins from the soil when planted in contaminated soil. CBD oil from such plants could contain toxins as well. Asia is quite notorious when it comes to growing CBD oil in contaminated soil. No wonder most of the CBD tinctures from Asia are cheap. Colorado is quite popular for its quality hemp plants. Pure hemp is also grown in various parts of Canada.

There are various methods of extracting CBD oil from the hemp plant. Each method has its merits and demerits. Some methods are preferred because they produce quality CBD oil than others. Below are some of the most popular methods of CBD oil extraction.

  1. CO2 Extraction

Co2 extraction is the most preferred method in the industry, although it is expensive and has a steep learning curve. The method involves using carbon dioxide under extremely high pressure and very low temperatures to isolate and preserve the CBD oil. The method is quite effective in maintaining the medicinal value and purity of the CBD oil.

CO2 CBD extraction method

CO2 extraction equipment is expensive, and operation –personnel need to be trained properly. Companies with the most potent and pure CBD oil use the CO2 extraction method. Some companies are not willing to incur the high costs though.

  1. Solvents

extract CBD oil solvent method

The use of solvents is quite common and popular. It is arguably the simplest way to extract CBD oil from Hemp plants. The method involves putting the hemp plant into oil solvents. The CBD content will dissolve into the solvent, and then it will be isolated. Butane, Hexane, and Ethanol are some of the solvents that can be used in the extraction process.

One of the major concerns with this method is the presence of toxins in oil extracted with solvents. There might be some unsafe residues after isolation. The method damages the plant waxes, which add to the healing benefits of the CBD oil.

Olive oil is also used to extract CBD oil. The method is both inexpensive and safe. Extra virgin oil infused with CBD has a lot of healing properties. However, the oil is very perishable and needs to be refrigerated in a dark space. Preservation of such oil is a challenge to companies because they don’t know how long it will be on the shelf.

CBD oil extracted through solvents is best taken through inhalation. You can use it in vape pens and other inhalation methods.

  1. Cold Press

extract CBD oil Cold Press method

Cold presses are mainly used with Green hemp. When green hemp is cold pressed, it produces the hemp juices, from which CBD oil is isolated. This method produces CBD oil that has chlorophyll though. The chlorophyll has some health benefits as well. It has also been a standard procedure to remove chlorophyll from CBD oil though.


There is no longer any doubt about the medicinal benefits of CBD oil and other CBD products. Authorities will continue to be legalized CBD products. As the industry grows, people will have a better understanding, and companies will be compelled to produce quality products only. Today you can easily purchase CBD oil online from wherever you are. Just ensure the local law allows you to do that.

Each brand of CBD oil goes through a different processing process. Each oil is, therefore, different in potency. The more potent the oil is, the more expensive it is going to be. Generally, CBD oils are expensive. You should always ensure you get quality CBD oil when you pay for some. Do not compromise on the quality of CBD oil for the price.

CBD oil is not necessarily a cure for the various conditions mentioned. Results are not typical on all people as well. They differ from one person to the other. Some of the brands like Green Roads and Nuleaf Natural have already made a name for themselves in the industry by producing quality CBD oil. You can never go wrong with them. The CBD oil industry can only grow bigger from where it is now.


Quite frankly, there is no “best CBD oil” per se. Each of the aforementioned products serve the purpose in their own right. While the Green Roads CBD oil is well-tested and quite potent, the Nutiva Organic and Elixinol CBD oils are renown for their immense health benefits. On the other hand, the Populum and Nature’s Script CBD oils go out of their way to cater to the needs of the customer. Therefore, it’s all a matter of your choice and preferences.

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