10 Best Desonide Creams and Lotions for Eczema

When rashes appear on the face, it calls for immediate attention because if left untreated, everybody you come into contact with will remind you that they are there, whether they tell you straight up or stare in wonder. Rashes will appear in various forms depending on the cause and location on the body. Whether they are bumpy, itchy, red, scaly or flaky, the mere fact that they are there can be the cause for intense distress, leading up to low self-esteem in some people. You are lucky if you know the cause of your rash because many people do not. With the help of a dermatologist, even the grossest looking skin conditions can be identified and treated. Irritated skin is generally as a result of a compromised immune system, infection or allergy to medication. Sometimes, like in the case of eczema, the cause for irritation or flare-up is not known and topical solutions are sort before finding the root cause. The following are some common skin conditions, along with their causes and symptoms.

Common Skin Conditions:

Eczema or Atopic Dermatitis:

Also known as Atopic Dermatitis in medical circles, this skin condition is common in children. Compared to 20% of all infants who suffer from eczema, only 2% of adult cases of eczema are reported. Dermatologists are of the opinion that eczema occurs as a result of a leak in the skin barrier which means that its moisture retaining property has been compromised. The result of this is excessive dryness which often is the cause for over sensitivity to environmental factors. It is also common for someone who has eczema to suffer from food sensitivity, a condition that could worsen the symptoms of eczema. Assuming that all children and infants have thin skin membranes, why do only a percentage of them get eczema? Research has shown that predisposition to acquiring eczema is determined by a faulty gene that is passed down from parent to offspring.

Allergic Contact Dermatitis:

As the name suggests, this skin condition comes about when the skin is exposed to an allergen. A perfect example is people with an allergy to nickel – when they put on jewelry that contains even a drop of this metal, the skin patch where contact occurred becomes itchy, swollen, bumpy and red. Some items that occur naturally in our environment could also be the cause of an Allergic Contact Dermatitis flare-up. Think about poison ivy, poison sumac, and poison oak and you realize that you will probably not know when your skin comes into contact with an allergen.

Hives or urticarial:

Also known as urticarial, hives occur on the skin when histamine is released into the blood to fight off an allergic reaction. The release of histamine leads to breakage of small blood vessels and swelling follows. Acute urticarial occurs where one eats food or one comes into contact with items that trigger an allergic reaction in the body, while Chronic urticarial, on the other hand, is caused by a specific trigger. A Chronic urticarial attack could last for months or years. Hives will often cause discomfort and pain but they cannot be spread from one person to another.


From the name, you might have already guessed that this condition involves some form of swelling. Often occurring alongside an episode of hives, Angioedema is swelling that originates from the deep layer of the skin. In most cases, the swellings target areas where there is soft tissue such as on the eyelids, genitals, and mouth. There is no conclusive study that explains why Angioedema occurs but eating some food types or components in medications has been closely linked to angioedema. An acute case of angioedema will last a few minutes or hours or chronic angioedema is often recurrent and has symptoms presenting over a long period of time.

As discussed above, most skin conditions are as a result of allergies in relation to foods, medication or environmental factors. It is always best to have any skin condition addressed by a dermatologist for accurate diagnosis and prescription. Some conditions like eczema, however, require more than just a good doctor; they need a tailored regime that works just for you.

How to manage eczema

Since eczema presents a cycle where the skin flare-ups are severe in childhood but subsides as one gets older, keeping the skin healthy is the best way of control. You can maintain healthy skin by simple moisturizing so as to protect the topmost layer of the skin (skin barrier or corneum). Those who suffer from eczema have been found to have damaged skin barriers, a condition that makes the skin oversensitive. A moisturizer creates a protective cover over the outer surface of the skin, ensuring that allergens do not contaminate the damaged skin. Well, not all moisturizers can work magic so it is important to shop around for a suitable one for you or your child. Allergens are all around us so it is important to create a schedule and style of moisturizing to avoid drying of the skin.

If you or someone close to you has eczema, it will soon be obvious that moisturizing not only soothes the skin but also restores moisture. Lukewarm water is best for washing and scrubbing during a wash should be completely avoided. Did you know that the first 3 minutes after bath really count for those with eczema? This is the time when the skin is water soaked having drawn some water from the bath or shower water. Moisturizing acne-prone skin must follow a simple routine to ensure that the skin is protected all the time. Some cases of eczema are so severe that medical expertise is needed. This is what you need to know before you start using that moisturizer;

  1. If you are using medication that has been prescribed by a doctor, to fight against eczema, apply this to the skin as per your doctor’s direction, then moisturize.
  2. Right after you finish bathing or taking a shower, apply a generous amount of moisturizer on the skin to create a moisture barrier that prevents dryness.
  3. If you find moisturizers that do not contain dyes and are free of fragrance, take those as they are the safer and less irritating.
  4. Treat the application of moisturizer as a medical condition to prevent cross infection and growth of bacteria. When scooping moisturizer from a container, you will need to have a cotton swab in hand or a clean implement.
  5. You need for the moisturizer to soak into the skin quickly and rubbing it in between the hands really helps because it even heats it up making it to absorb faster. Make sure to apply in downwards strokes as opposed to circular or up and down.
  6. It is normal for the skin to feel tacky after a moisturizer application but this is normal. Even if you feel the urge to remove the extra, leave it on and it will soon be absorbed into the skin. You only need to wait a few minutes to see this happen.

What is the best moisturizer for eczema?

Just because a product is being marketed as a moisturizer does not mean it will give you the outcome you are looking for. Like medication, moisturizers have varying effects on different individuals.  It is not a surprise therefore if your eczema gets worse instead of getting better after using a certain product. Moisturizers can be grouped into 3 main classes; creams, ointments and lotions, each with their unique hydration levels. Ointment and creams contain high oil content, which is why they feel greasy while lotions contain a high moisture level.

Top 11 Desonide Creams and Lotions from Amazon
(Most Sold And High Rated Products)

1. Desonate

Sold in the form of a gel, the active ingredient in this topical medication is Desonide 0.05% and it is designed for the treatment or symptom relief of eczema. Treatment of mild to moderate eczema is successful with this product provided that the patient follows all the doctor’s instructions. The gel can be used on patients of 3 months and older without the risk of any adverse side effects. Since it has been established through clinical studies that the use of Desonate inhibits the production of key hormones in the body, the dose should be administered with care. A general rule in the use of topical corticosteroid medication is that the application should be stopped as soon as desired results are achieved.

While the use of Desonate is effective in children, their organs are still developing and exposure to the steroid may lead to abnormal formation. Unless under the supervision of a medical doctor parents should not use Desonide 0.05% based products on armpits or groin area of children.

2. Desonide Lotion

The preparation of this corticosteroid formulation into a lotion makes it easy to administer over a large area of skin. Conditions such as rashes, eczema, dermatitis, and allergies that cover extensive areas on the skin will benefit from the large patch that can be achieved by the use of a lotion topical medication. Due to the high hydration potential of lotion compared to creams or ointments, Desonide is quite effective when the above-listed conditions cause itching, site redness, and swelling. It is possible to get the best from an entire tube of lotion because shaking before every use will mix up the ingredients and balance the solution. The aim should be to apply the lotion of skin that has been cleaned and dried within a few minutes of application. It is therefore advisable to apply Desonide right after taking a shower or bath.

The standard dose for the application of steroid-based medication is 2 to 3 times per day over the ailing area. Ensure to rub in to enhance absorption for best results within the shortest time. Unless directed by a doctor, avoid bandaging, wrapping or covering the area over which the Desonide has been applied. Extra care should also be taken after an application has been completed to ensure that the risk of getting the formulation on other areas of the body has been minimized.

3. Desowen Cream and Lotion Kit

This medicated cream and lotion kit is classified as a mild corticosteroid and is meant for use only on the skin. You will know that the Desonide component in the medicated skin care product is working when swelling, redness, and itching on the skin reduces. These are common symptoms in some skin conditions like allergies, dermatitis, rash, and eczema. The best way to apply the medication is to clean the area of application, wash your hands, and ensure that both areas are dry before you proceed. The next step that comes needs to be done is the main action of the entire practice. Apply a thin layer of the medicine on the skin and rub over it gently until all the product has dissolved into the skin. The regular dose of applying Desonide based creams and lotion is 2-3 times daily but it is best to listen to what the doctor says.

An excellent remedy for clearing diaper rash in infants, this Desonide cream for babies’ nappy care is quite effective. Just remember to use loose fitting diapers or pants every time during treatment. Unless this medication is in use to treat inflammation in the hands, wash the hands and dry them thoroughly after use. In case this medication gets into the nose, eyes or mouth, wash with plenty of water before heading out to see a doctor.

The DesOwen range of lotions, ointments, and creams is manufactured in Texas, USA by DPT Laboratories, Ltd. situated in San Antonio.

4. Verdeso foam

This is a mild corticosteroid that is administered topically to treat the symptoms of contact dermatitis, a condition that most people refer to as eczema. Before you start using this medication, go through the patient information leaflet that comes with your medication when you get it from the pharmacy. Although the use of corticosteroids is regulated and pharmacist recommends taking a break from prolonged use after 4 weeks, the medication will have cleared acne spots, hyperpigmentation, and inflammation within days of its use. Is this Desonide based foam a steroid? It is and that is the reason for the few days at a time use. Steroids are naturally produced by the body but large quantities applied to a small area may lead to serious health complications.

Since verdeso foam is sold on prescription only, the best person to give you dosage and work out the number of days for using the medication is a qualified healthcare professional.

Verdeso foam is manufactured by Connetics Corporation and was licensed by the FDA in 2006.

5. Tridesilon

Tridesilon cream is an effective treatment for skin conditions such as allergies, rashes, dermatitis, and eczema. If the cream is applied according to the instructions of the prescribing doctor, patients can expect a reduction in itching, swelling, and redness within hours or days of use. The cream is a mild corticosteroid whose active ingredient is known as Desonide. When using this medicine, ensure that it is only used on the skin as contact with the eyes and nose may lead to serious complications. When contact happens accidentally, running cold water over the affected organ will be sufficient first aid before a visit to the emergency room.

Precautions taken when administering Tridesilon are supposed to protect the user from cross contamination and unnecessary exposure. This cream is also a proven remedy for diaper rash, ringworms and acne scars. If your skin has ever come into contact with the poison ivy weed, then you understand how uncomfortable inflammation can become. Applying a thin film of the medication over the stinging area 2 or 3 times a day will ease the discomfort in no time. It is, however, important to discuss this approach with your doctor since Tridesilon is a steroid based cream and there is control as to how much and how long it should be used. The recommended dose depends on the overall health and extent of skin condition. The action of Tridesilon may start within hours but it may be a while before the side effects begin to show – wait for 2 weeks after starting use of this medication before you report to your doctor the drug’s effectiveness, improvement of skin condition or manifestation of various side effects.

Tridesilon is a trademark of the Dome Laboratories and was first used in the United States in 1970.

6. Alternatives to Desonide

Using Desonide for the treatment of eczema is effective and the results are almost instant in many cases. The downside reported by most people, however, is that lotions, creams, and gels containing this active ingredient are costly and strictly regulated. The price for topical cream and ointment sold in tubes of 60g can be as high as $200. Are there alternatives to Desonide? There are definitely other products in the market that have been developed for the treatment of eczema and other skin inflammatory conditions. These drugs are mostly in the form of creams, lotions, and ointments so the choice of what to use depends on preference, availability or level of moisturization required. Unlike Desonide which is obtained by prescription only, these alternatives can be bought over the counter without a hustle. This is largely because they are made from plant-based ingredients making them pure natural. The most important aspect of using alternatives over the real thing is cost-cutting. The production cost, cost of ingredients and licenses that go into a Desonide product are quite high and are passed on to the consumer. Natural alternatives are relatively cheaper and readily available. Some of the most effective ones are discussed below:

7. Thena natural wellness healing cream

This plant-based formula comprises of all natural ingredients that have been carefully selected to nourish and calm the skin. The cream is made from plant-based ingredients that have for years been used to rejuvenate and restore the skin. Since this cream is highly absorbing, a little amount will go a long way. It is best to speak to a health care professional if you already have a medical history of sensitivity. Check for the skin’s sensitivity to the product by carrying out a patch test; stop use if irritation is experienced. Free from artificial colors, mineral oil, fragrance and petroleum, the proven formula of the Thena natural wellness healing cream lies in its anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties.

8. Puriya mother of all creams

Natural products are good as they have the least incidents of irritability but some people are still allergic to some. Chamomile is a key ingredient in the Puriya mother of all creams that are used to treat eczema. It is important to go through the ingredients list before list so as to get a rough idea of what is contained and therefore what is to be avoided. You can further ensure the safe use of Puriya mother of all creams by first performing a test on a patch of the skin to establish suitability. If you are allergic to some of the listed ingredients, a mild form of the formulation known as Mildly Earthy can be used. The Mother of All Creams product works by restoring life into skin that outwardly looks unhealthy. By strengthening the skin’s natural moisture barrier, this cream stimulates new cell regeneration while reconstructing skin without leaving a greasy residue on the skin.

9. Aveeno Eczema Therapy Daily Moisturizing Cream

For those with sensitive skin, this formulation not only soothes the irritation that results when skin is inflamed but also clears any rashes to restore the skin. Parents with small children are especially fond of this product because it works without causing adverse side effects. In addition to being endorsed by the National Eczema Association, Aveeno Eczema Therapy Daily Moisturizing Cream has been tested and proven to ease skin irritation particularly as presented in cases of eczema.

Some of the active ingredients that contribute to the effectiveness of Aveeno Eczema Therapy Daily Moisturizing Cream are Colloidal Oatmeal, ceramides, essential fat droplets that are naturally occurring on the skin. These lipid droplets are crucial to restoring the skin’s protective function. To provide long-lasting results, this cream is designed to provide hydration in 24-hour cycles as well as prevent the recurrence of excessively dry skin. The average working time for this cream is 2 to 3 days so eczema does not have to be a reason for not living life as required. People who have never had eczema or have been treated and do not want to risk a flare-up can use this cream as a preventive measure. It is best used as a daily moisturizer by applying a thin layer over the skin as you would facial cream.

10. Vanicream lite skin care lotion

Light enough to be used as a moisturizer on the entire body, Vanicream lite skin care lotion offers eczema relief that you can carry with you everywhere you go (courtesy of the travel size packaging). Every individual that suffers from eczema has a unique set of triggers for the condition. To offer relief for as many people as possible, Vanicream lite skin care lotion formulation is made from carefully picked ingredients that are grease-free, dye-free, fragrance-free, paraben-free, lanolin-free and alcohol-free. With the help of a natural set of ingredients, Vanicream lite skin care lotion effectively moisturizes the skin without exposing the user to possible irritants.

11. Eucerin Eczema Relief Body Crème

A product that has been in development for the last 100 years, the formulation of Eucerin Eczema Relief Body Crème not only soothes inflamed skin but also strengthens the skins protective barrier, keeping moisture in and contaminants out. You may have noticed that every time you go to the grocery store for this product, it has different packaging. There is no cause to worry as the manufacturers assure customers that the quality of ingredients is always good.

Comprised of natural oatmeal, Eucerin Eczema Relief Body Crème nourishes the skin to get create a natural defense against itchiness, dryness, and irritation that may result from eczema. Licochalcone and Ceramide-3 actively enrich the skin’s protective barrier, reducing the sipping through of irritants. This mild formulation is recommended for daily use on both adults and children from 3 months of age. The effects of this formulation have been reported as instant relief from itching, dryness, and irritation.

Basic Information on Desonide Creams:

What Is Desonide Cream?

Desonide cream is a topical corticosteroid medication that is known by its various brand names like Verdeso Foam and Desonate Gel. Relative to other topical steroid medication, Desonide Cream ranks on the lower end of the spectrum, an indication that it is less potent than most. The cream can only be bought with a prescription. If you still have not used it but want to gauge its strength, think about a better performing cream above hydrocortisone cream, which is sold over the counter. Desonide Cream can be used by patients of all ages provided they are above 3 months old. No one knows for sure how Desonide Cream works but it is believed that its action targets the immune system. People who develop allergies are believed to have over-active immune systems and steroid medication is known to suppress the immune system which in turn resolves unwanted symptoms.

What is Desonide cream used to treat? There is a general misconception surrounding the use of steroids and rightfully so because they have been on numerous occasions abused by athletes to enhance performance. The truth is that our bodies produce steroids so regulated use should not be a problem. As a matter of fact, topical steroid application can be used safely for more than 50 years for the treatment of skin conditions.

How to administer Desonide Cream

Depending on the extent of your eczema flare-up, age, and strength of medication being prescribed to you, the dosage will vary from patient to patient. As far as dosage is concerned, do as your doctor says even if you feel that more or less would do you better. The common dose is a thin layer over the affected area two times a day. The use of moisturizer should be emphasized during this period as Desonide cream will not hydrate the skin. Before you apply the lotion or foam version of Desonide cream, shake the container and remember to wash your hands thoroughly after application. To avoid overuse of steroid-based medication, the medication should not be used for more than 4 weeks at a time. Even though the use of topical steroid is basically safe, extended use may lead to serious side effects.

Side Effects

Desonide cream is generally safe but some cases of headache and irritation at the application site have been reported. In cases of extended use, the skin may thin out leading to itching, acne, folliculitis, and hypopigmentation. Children who use steroid based medication from an early age have an increased probability of compromised natural steroids production mechanism. This can be prevented if low strength topical medication is used over the shortest possible time. Precaution should be taken when applying topical steroids on areas where the skin has broken because large amounts of the medication will be absorbed into the bloodstream leading to serious health complications.

For expectant mothers, nursing mothers, and those that have previously reacted to any of the components of Desonide, elaborate clinical tests must be conducted before use. It is therefore important to be as open as possible to your doctor when discussing possible treatment options for a current skin condition.


Desonide 0.05% will definitely give you the desired results as far as treatment and management of eczema is concerned. While customer reviews on the main steroid-based medications discussed here report fast results in 90% of patients, 10% cannot use them for various reasons. That is why the natural alternatives to Desonide are just as important when seeking medical intervention for eczema. If we gauge the performance of Desonide based on effectiveness, ease of use and satisfaction level, this is the same measure we should apply when picking an alternative equivalent.

All the products stated in our list are amazing ones that deliver as expected. However, some of these are meant to be purchased only via a medical prescription and are directed to be used under strict medical supervision. By careful inspection, we conclude that the Aveeno Eczema Therapy Moisturizing Cream is the best from the lot. The presence of colloidal oatmeal and ceramides, along with lipids which are in sync with those naturally found in your skin make it a safe and effective option for tackling eczema. Not only does it help in treating eczema, it also leaves your skin feeling more glorious than ever before.


Backed with the National Eczema Association Seal of Approval and clinical proven to show remarkable results, the Aveeno Eczema Therapy Moisturizing Cream is your go-to cream for eczema treatment.