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Few Most Popular And Most Sold Molton Brown Products


Every company’s goal is to always stay relevant in the market. While some focus on outdoor advertising to make their brands visible, others like Molton Brown have made it to this space simply by offering the market a blend of luxury and quality. It is not common to come across a company that not only stays committed to growing their brand but also keeps away from testing their products on animals. When people buy Molton Brown products, they are committing to using the same toiletries as Her Majesty the Queen of England. How close can you get to glamor?

The surprise that each of these products comes with is exquisite, luxury wrapping that is offered as a complimentary gift. This is the crown that lets you into an explosion of nature like you have not experienced before. Molton Brown products will cost you a pretty penny but when you compare with the value that you get, it is all worth it. The 15 products discussed below have been listed under the 5 major ranges from Molton Brown. You might recognize some because of their popularity and at the same time get ideas for a gift to give or personal treats for yourself.

Molton Brown Best Fragrances

Smelling nice is an important part of personal grooming and Molton Brown has just the right answer for this. You do not want to smell like everybody else and at the same time cannot afford to have an exclusive fragrance made for you. Here are products in this range that have gained high customer rankings for their good performance and will interact with your system to produce a scent that can only be traced back to you.

  1. Tobacco Absolute Eau de Toilette 1.7fl oz.

The base component of this fragrance is Paraguayan tobacco whose woody smell is perfected by a vibrant hint of grapefruit. It is easy to grow addicted to this fragrance because the blend of mature tobacco and sweet grapefruit creates a mask of all time freshness for the wearer. You will feel confident wearing this fragrance because it announces your presence and speaks volumes about your readiness to explore. Men will find this fragrance a worthy catch because it will leave behind a distinct scent will keep them fresh for extended periods of time.

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  1. Russian Leather Eau de Toilette 1.7fl oz.

the smell of pine trees is soothing any time, but the Siberian pine is therapeutic. This fragrance is a blend of pine oil, leather, smoke black tea oil, and basil to create a dash of air that spells mystery and excitement at the same time. The fragrance is loved for its sensual stimulation which will no doubt leave a lasting impression. This is for those men or women who love the smell of nature and would appreciate the scent of wood and leather to escort them through life.

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  1. Fiery Pink Pepper Eau de Toilette 1.7fl oz.

This is a Molton Brown signature scent that is created for the modern woman. Instead of creating a soft pink fragrance to match the feminine color stereotype, a kiss of pepperpod gives this fragrance its life. Designed for those days when you want to carry heat with you, this fragrance will keep your senses aroused throughout the day. Not to mention that the mysterious blend of sweet and spicy will cause heads to turn along your way. When added to any woman’s collections, this product will definitely bring class, confidence, and spice to her life.

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Molton Brown Best Men’s Products

Men are known to be rush in their grooming but that is all right because it is an understandable part of their nature. The modern man is however keen on leaving a lasting impression on his contacts and at the same time stamp their authority. The following products make this process easy and offer the best results;

  1. Re-charge Black Pepper Bath & Shower Gel

Initially when it was introduced into the market, this product was known as Black Peppercorn but no value was lost with the name change. Bath time does not have to be routine and thoughtless when you have this bath and shower gel because it bursts into ginger and black pepper goodness when in contact with water. The vetiver used in the gel is aromatic and so is the basil, and coriander. This combination leaves the skin hot with natural fragrance after every bath or shower.

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  1. Explore Luxury Men’s Bathing Collection

whether for travel or as a gift idea for a male, this product will easily and conveniently fit into any travel bag. This mini bag contains a Bushukan Body Wash, Orange & Bergamot Body Wash, Silver Birch Body Wash, Suma Ginseng Body Wash, Black Peppercorn Body Wash, Coastal Cypress & Sea Fennel Bath & Shower Gel, Eucalyptus Body Wash, and Tobacco Absolute Bath & Shower Gel each of which is  1fl oz. this range gives the wearer freedom to change their fragrance whenever they feel like. In fact, it suits travelers best because they can choose a different fragrance for every destination.

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  1. Re-charge Black Pepper Bodyscrub Bar

this exfoliator bar leaves the skin moisturized and fresh. It comprises of peppercorn oil an antioxidant, oak moss and bergamot. Using this bar of soap, men can get rid of dead skin on their face without having to deal with feminine scents afterward. The woody aroma of the oak moss plus grey tea smell of bergamot is the perfect air to breathe around you after a session at the gym.

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Best Home Products

The home is a reflection of the owner and when they match then harmony to achieve comfort, refuge and rest are achieved. Going home or entertaining others at home need not be a mountain to climb. Good home products will allow your home to refresh itself when you are away so that it impresses you when you come in. Molton Brown home care range has some interesting offers.

  1. Black Peppercorn Aroma Reeds

A home scent is what meets your visitors when they first set foot into a house and they will carry it in their mind even when they leave. Natural fragrances are the best for homes because many appreciate a hint of nature in their houses. Molton Brown has made this product to bring out notes of ginger, lemon, and coriander; any house will smell like a blast of rich spices. With this product, a warm atmosphere of captivating fragrance welcomes your home.

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  1. Coco & Sandalwood Single Wick Candle

A candle for those special occasions is what Molton Brown is offering in this product. It is impossible to miss the creamy aroma of Filipino coconut which has been blended with sandalwood and jasmine. This combination will play harmoniously on your senses, providing sophistication for any occasion or for you when you want to treat your nerves with a soaking of nature. People who want to turn their homes into sanctuaries of relaxation will find this product a necessity, especially in hot weather.

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  1. Ylang-Ylang Home & Linen Mist

A home that smells nice is a pleasant place to be, relax and entertain. Molton Brown’s linen mist keeps the sweet smell lingering in the house long after you have sprayed your linen. A blend of comforting vanilla, sweet cardamom, and delicate ylang-ylang creates a unique freshness that soothes you to sleep and gives you a guaranteed sweet slumber. The secret to misting to hold the bottle 20cm away from washable fabric or spraying the mist liberally into the air in a room and allowing it to settle freely.

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Molton Brown Best Bath & Body products

Men and women are on an almost uniform quest for products that bring out their best features improve their appearance and enhance the impression they make. The best bath and body care products from Molton Brown leave you with a touch of bliss and unwavering elegance after use.

  1. Thickening Shampoo with Ginger Extract

This product has been designed specifically to serve those people who have naturally fine hair but wish it would have some level of volume. Since it is a shampoo, Molton Brown ensures that hair is cleaned to excellence and volume is achieved. This product is what every hairdresser dreams to have a magic wand to fine hair problems. After a wash, hair is evidently thicker and revitalized.

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  1. Fabled Juniper Berries & Lapp Pine Fine Liquid Hand Wash

Its a limited edition creation, this hand wash product has been crafted to meet the needs of the holiday season. It captures the mood of winter and locks it in a bottle for users to indulge every time they purpose to get their hands clean. The handwash comprises of pine, oakmoss, and crisp juniper berries. While this product will provide deep cleansing for your hands, its color range adds pomp and color to the festive season.

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  1. Purifying Shampoo With Indian Cress

Cleaning hair is the basic role of shampoo but when it promises purification like this Molton Brown product, expect much more than that. This purifying shampoo product is enriched with sandalwood, honeysuckle. Jasmine and Indian cress extract. The hair not only receives a good wash but also gets infused with amino acids to achieve the shine. The end result is healthy hair that smells and looks great.

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Molton Brown Best gift products

There are always special days coming up and incidents when it is important to appreciate those around you. Molton Brown has a range of well thought out gift ideas that will leave you impressed when you receive or give one.

  1. Distinguished Treats Cracker

This is a set of four types of body wash products that will give service for a while. Since they will outlive the date of giving, they are meant to keep the giver in mind for a long time after. The fragrances in this collection include citrus, woody, and marine. They bring a taste of nature into your bath taking you on a journey of lavish nature every time you take a wash. To stamp the festive mood, the gift items are hidden inside a cracker to unleash a surprise. Wondering when to present them? Set them on the table and let your guests keep wondering the whole time.

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  1. Festive Frankincense & Allspice Hand Wash & Lotion Set

This gift is given a touch of the classic by the splash of Frankincense incorporate into the lotion set. Frankincense is exclusive to royalty and Molton Brown is giving its customers an opportunity to share in the pomp. A hand wash and lotion combination is an intimate gift because people wash hands all the time. This product will give you a timeless burst of aroma that will warm your whole body and leave you cleansed and moisturized.

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  1. Bestsellers Travel Body Wash Set

Most people realize that they have no travel set when the need arises. Even though toiletries and personal care products are concerned, nobody wants to open his or her suitcase in the privacy of his or her hotel room to half-filled bottles and tiny scoops of what he or she needs. The Molton Brown travel set comprises of 4 different types of body wash and everyone is sure to find their preference among these. This collection allows you to escape to glorious adventure regardless of gender. Anyone who is a frequent traveler either because of work or pleasure will appreciate this set of essential body wash products designed to flatter and pamper.

There is a global misconception among loyal and aspiring Molton Brown users that the products of this brand are vegan. Well, there is no approval by any vegan or vegetarian group but what is guaranteed is that the ingredients used to make their product range are naturally occurring. Personal care products must be carefully formulated to ensure that customers get minimal side effects from the ingredients. During the 40 years that Molton Brown has been in existence, they have collected rare scents and ingredients from around the world which is what gives the authenticity and uniqueness of their products. The range of products developed and sold under the Molton Brown brand is extensive but the above have been the best performers.

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Molton Brown is one of the premier companies that deal with beauty and skin care and their products are widely recognized to be world class by scores of people from around the globe. Their products offer a very impressive range of variety and application, so you are going to have a ball while getting these products for yourself. We highly recommend Molton Brown.


Molton Brown products are some of the best ones around and are bound to yield amazing results for anyone who uses them. Go for it!

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