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Amazon's Best Selling Tattoo Removal Creams Reviewed!

A significant number of people are known to ink themselves impulsively, which in most cases leads to regrets. Others react adversely to tattoo ink, making it necessary to get rid of the tattoo immediately. However, a large group of tattoo bearers prefers a less painful and cost-friendly option when it comes to tattoo removal.

This is where tattoo removal creams come into the picture. These creams are equipped with properties that work towards not only removing your tattoo, but also leave your skin healthy and vibrant. We have enlisted 10 best tattoo removal creams which can help you in fading your tattoo completely. Feel free to browse the list and choose the best product.

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10 Best Tattoo Removal Creams That Work

By the time you are getting to this point, it is evident that funds are not easily disposable to you and that you are not willing to go through the excruciating pain that comes with laser treatment, excision, dermabrasion, and cryosurgery. Here are ten permanent tattoo removal creams that are worth using to fade your imprint away for good:

Before getting any tattoo removal cream, it is highly recommended to buy Numbing cream. Why because, tattoo removal always involves some pain. To get rid of this pain, you need to apply numbing cream on it.

You can get FDA listed numbing cream from this Dr Numb website. Dr. Numb (Anesthetic Cream) is the best solution for pain relief. This cream numbs pain in just few secs after applying

  1. Tattoo Off

If you’re looking for a very cheap tattoo removal cream option, then Tattoo Off is your go-to product. You get tons of tubs of this cream for removing tattoos at a meager price. Five month’s supply is the least purchase of this cream that you can make. This means that once you begin the treatment, you will not have to stop midway due to lack of the ointment. As is the case with other tattoo removal creams, you have to apply Tattoo Off on the target area twice daily until you gain the results you want.

First, you have to use the primer to prepare the skin for the penetrating tattoo removal cream to work. Unlike most other products of this kind, Tattoo Off does not have too many abrasive products in it, which means that it does not destroy your skin too much. It is made using botanical ingredients, which will not penetrate to the inner skin layer easily. The consequences of this are that you will have to wait longer than you would prefer for you to notice any considerable changes in the appearance of the tattoo. And while the cream will give out some level of success, it will not clear the image as well as is the case with other creams. It can take up to 9 months or more, so patience is a virtue you would like to exercise until you succeed.

Due to the mild nature of the treatment, you can use it to remove permanent makeup drawings on most sensitive parts of the body. Take caution not to use this cream on the face since it may be too harsh on this area.

You need not be concerned about spending a lot of funds when getting the cream since it does not cost too much. Additionally, Tattoo Off is easy to use considering that it comes in a tub. All you have to do is clean the tattooed spot then massage the oil into the skin.

Another benefit of this removal cream is mild. As such, it is suitable for people with various skin types, even those that are sensitive. Therefore, you do not have to consult a dermatologist before using now that it does not trigger any severe or highly uncomfortable side effects.

One negative thing to note about this oil is the fact that it is never available consistently in the stores. Whenever it runs out of stock, it takes longer than usual for the company to restock the product in all its retail stores. This is probably why it is advisable to get the treatment in big batches if you do not want to halt the treatment process in pursuit of the medication halfway through it.

Also, even if you succeed in getting rid of the mark, this tattoo ink removal cream does not take care of the ink itself. As such, you will end up with patches of ink on your skin, which are very unsightly.

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  1. Tat B Gone Tattoo Removal System

This product comes with a three-step removal system. These are the activation cream, infusing cream and the fading cream. You have to use each of the tubs in the kit for the ointment to be effective. The first step in this process requires you to clean the tattooed area to allow the treatments to penetrate the skin. Secondly, you will apply the tattoo removal ointment over the affected area and massage to allow deep penetration. The last step is where you use the protective cream that enables your skin to stay healthy once you are done with the treatment.

What makes this a good tattoo removal option is the fact that you do not feel any pain while using the products. However, the product will respond differently to different kinds of tattoos. The colour of the ink and size of the mark are the factors that you have to take into consideration when choosing this treatment plan. It is noted that the cream is quick to work on designs with light ink as opposed to those with dark ink. As such, the number of kits that people use throughout the course will vary greatly.

You need to be patient when using this cream considering it does not contain some of those extremely intrusive ingredients that bleach the skin rapidly. Within a few months, you will notice a considerable change in the colour of your imprint. Tat B Gone tattoo removal system is among the best tattoo removal creams available in the market in that it is cost friendly. For only $44, you can get this kit. Additionally, it easily accessible by buyers across the globe now that it is sold in most online stores like Amazon. The fact that it does not scar the treated area is another bonus for this ointment.

On the flip side, however, it is unfortunate to note that the cream does not clear the tattoo entirely. It only works by eroding the colour to a point where it is you can barely notice it. Tat B also does not provide consistent results considering that the colour of the ink, the age of the tattoo, and its depth are significant aspects that contribute to the slow fading of the imprint. Also, one of its key ingredients, hydroquinone, has adverse effects on sensitive skin. If you are among the individuals with such skin, consulting with your dermatologist should be the first thing that you do before you settle for this product.

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  1. Inked Up Removal Cream

Of the many tattoo removal creams in the market, Inked Up is one of the safest to use. This is courtesy of the fact that it is made up of natural ingredients that go through the skin to alter the colour of the tattoo’s ink, making it appear faded. Like all other ointments made using natural products, it will require consistency and patience for you to observe the desired effects. Other factors such as the age, depth, and colour of the ink will also determine how long it will take for the cream to be effective. This means that the results will vary from one individual to the other depending on these variables.

Considering that Inked Up was developed by a team of dermatologists and other medical specialists, you can be sure that it is safe to use on all skin types. If You have other stains on the body that require such creams to fade them out, this would be one of the recommended brands to try out since it is not harsh to the skin. You will not experience any itchy feeling or develop rashes as is experienced by individuals who used chemical-based creams. It is good to note, however, that this cream cannot be used on sensitive areas such as the groin or face. In case you have a tattoo on these areas, it is better to find other alternatives for it that do not have any preservatives and additives that are cruel to the skin.

Inked Up tattoo removal cream has a wide range of products to choose from. You can take the brightener cream that comes in a spray bottle, a tattoo removal cream that comes in a tub, or the tattoo removal lotion. With all three products, you have to rub them in to enable deep penetration. The products are said to work within a month, and the company offers a return policy for those who are not satisfied with the results. However, you can only benefit from the return policy if you make a complaint within the first month of using Inked Up removal cream. Additionally, you have to foot the re-shipping bill if you opt for this route.

Inked Up is among the most affordable tattoo removal creams since the smallest bottle goes for at least $22 online. However, the tubs are pretty small. So if you have a large imprint, you may have to spend quite a fortune to get rid of it.

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  1. Wrecking Balm Tattoo Fade System

Another product that comes under the umbrella

of natural products is Wrecking Balm tattoo removal cream. While its packaging may not be appealing o the look, the ointment works perfectly on all tattoos. In case you have one in an awkward place such as the groin, tummy, chest,  or armpit, this cream will work wonders for you. First of all, it is made of noncorrosive ingredients, which means you will not have to endure discomfort brought along by chemicals, which are usually in most tattoo removal creams.

The balm comes with an applicator as part of the set. This item enables you to apply the cream easily in areas that are not easily reachable such as the groin and armpits. The applicator has an erosion head which assists in making the cream penetrate the skin for better results. You only have to charge it or change the batteries once they run out of power.

Wrecking balm has three sets of products that are used concurrently to provide the best results. These are the gel, concealer butter, and hydravascent cream. The gel is what you use to fade the tattoo. Take a generous amount from the tube and apply on the skin then use the applicator to reinforce the cream into the skin. Once you are sure that the gel has been absorbed, take the hydravascent cream and apply over the tattoo. It is useful in ensuring that your skin stays healthy throughout the treatment period. Because of how rigorous the curing process is, your skin may develop some irritation caused by constant massaging from the erosion head. The cream ensures that you do not develop such complications via the soothing formula.

As for the butter, it comes in handy when you prefer to conceal your tattoo. You only have to apply it over the emblem and blend it into your skin well. For those with tattoos on conspicuous areas such as the face or neck, the balm can be used daily especially if you have to go to work. Something unpleasant that is worth noting about the Wrecking Balm Tattoo Fade System is that it does not entirely erase the tattoo from the skin. You may notice some faint colours of the ink on the skin even after you have completed the treatment. A single kit goes for at least $44 online. The price may vary depending on the store you choose to get your pack from.

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  1. Profade Three-Step Action

Profade Three-Step Action is yet another cream that works effectively to get rid of tattoos from your skin. It is made using natural products. As such, you have to be patient when it comes to seeing results. While the company claims that the product works within a few weeks, most people report that they see results from three months.

The product comes with three items that have different functions each. First in line is the preparation gel, which works by soothing your skin in preparation for the penetration. It ensures that you do not get any reactions caused by continuous scrubbing on the top layer of the skin. The second cream prepares your skin by opening up the pores. This allows the fading cream to go through smoothly and work its magic. Finally, the last product to use is the elimination gel. It has to be used after the other two if you want to see any results. It moves into the dermis where the ink was deposited and bleaches the ink.

For the best results, these products have to be used on the affected spot twice a day. This is one of the few creams available that almost eliminates the tattoo. Better yet, you can use it on your skin to get rid of acne marks and other scars on the skin. Aside from the fact that it is efficient, Profade Three-Step Action is friendly to the pockets. You only have to part with $10 to get yourself a kit of this cream and begin your journey to a tattoo-free life.

Take note that the results observed will vary from one user to the other depending on a few variables that regard the age, length, depth, and colour of the emblem. If your tattoo was made using solid ink, it might take a bit longer for you to see results. Consequently, you will have to use several tubes of Profade tattoo Removal Cream.

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  1. Ink Busters

Another ink removal agent available in the market is Ink Busters. This cream is more potent as compared to most others in the same range since it is made using 50% TCA. It is a chemical that is added to ink removal creams to help in hastening the peeling process. Ink Busters claims to get rid of the tattoo, but in an extended period. Considering that the cream has TCA as part of its ingredients, it is not advisable to use it frequently. This is because the skin may develop adverse reactions.

The manufacturer recommends the user to apply the liquid on the tattoo then wait for it to dry. Within six weeks, the epidermis will have dried up and peeled off. As such, the skin will come out with some of the ink from the imprint. You should then rest for two weeks before attempting another application on the skin. In total, once you apply the chemical on your skin, you should do the next round eight weeks later.

Additionally, you should keep the skin covered to avoid any direct contact with sunlight. Failure to do so will result in having your skin reacting even more to the medication. In severe cases, the skin may develop a scar. Ink Busters is a runny liquid in nature and therefore, you will need to use a q-tip during the application process. The components of this treatment are harsh. This means that you should not use it on tattoos that are on sensitive skin.

The success rate of this home tattoo removal cream is high since it aims at scraping off the top layer of the skin and bleaching the ink in the process. It is useful in getting rid of both old and new tattoos. However, users should note that there are several side effects of using this ointment. Since it has an acidic component in it, it is common to experience itchiness, rashes, and other irritations.

However, you will observe better results as compared to using creams with natural products. The product is available in two bottles with one and two ounces of the liquid at an affordable price of $10 and $15 consecutively.

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  1. Dr Color Eraser

Dr. Color Eraser is yet another ink removal solution that comes in handy when you want to fade your tattoo. The product is certified to be safe for cosmetic use, so you need not worry about using it on sensitive skin areas. However, this excludes the face considering that it peels the skin layer to achieve the desired effects.Note that unlike other solutions that penetrate the skin to tackle the ink from within, Dr. Color Eraser only works on the top layer of the skin to get rid of the pigmentation.

The liquid comes in a 10ml bottle. You are required to use a small portion of the solution on the skin, then let it set for 15 – 20 minutes before wiping it off. Wait for a few weeks for the top layer of the skin to come off before you proceed to the second application. Take care not to use the liquid frequently since it can cause your skin to scar.

One thing to note about this tattoo removal liquid is that it is for professional use. This means that you cannot use at home not unless you are a dermatologist. It comes with diluting and application instructions which need to be followed to the latter for the product to be effective.When applying the solution to the skin, it is essential to use protective gear to avoid scaring your hands.

The manufacturer claims that two applications are enough to get rid of the ink. However, you may have to use the item for longer if you have an older emblem.Dr. Color Eraser is a product from Korea. These people are known to have effective skin treatment regimens so you can rest assured that your

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  1. BetterComplexions

BetterComplexions is one of the best tattoo removal solutions available in the market. It is made using TCA as part of its composition. This means that you can observe some change within days of using it on your unwanted tattoo. It comes in a single bottle, which means that it is easy to use. All you have to do is clean the tattooed skin then massage it thoroughly until it is absorbed in. However, the liquid comes with diluting instruction. This means that you cannot use it as it is until you dilute it using water, as directed by the manufacturer.

Considering that the liquid is made using TCA, you may want to wear protective gloves to avoid bleaching your hands due to the constant contact with the fluid. Cotton buds should also be part of the treatment process for you to apply the liquid effectively. Also, you are advised to not use BetterComplexions on the face, groin, belly, or any other area that has sensitive skin, unless you dilute it more than as directed. In such cases, you can test the solution of the palm of your hand then wait to see the reactions. Once you notice that it does not destroy the hand, you can then proceed to use it on the sensitive skin. The reason for this caution is to avoid the adverse effects such as itching, rashes, and discomfort that occurs when the agent bleaches the skin.

The manufacturer claims that the product can be used to treat other skin related issues such as acne, acne marks,  wrinkles, and fine lines. This can be dangerous since the product has a potent agent that can make the skin itch. If you have to use for other issues other than tattoo removal, it is best to do under the supervision of a qualified dermatologist. Also, ensure that you moisturize your skin once the liquid is absorbed into the skin since BetterComplexions tends to dry the skin.

The product comes in a twin pack, which means you can save and also use it for long before you have to invest in another box. Unfortunately, the item is never available in the stores constantly. In case you want to order for your treatment, you may have to consult the manufacturer for details of how to get it.

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  1. Spartan Perform Tattoo Destroyer

Just as the name of the tattoo removal cream suggests, Spartan Perform Tattoo Destroyer works miracles in getting rid of your unwanted ink. First of all the products is made of natural products. This means that your skin will keep its appearance even after you are done with the treatment. The tattoo removal cream comes in a single tub. The user only has to apply it in the tattoo at least twice a day, and they will observe the results they desire.

As is the case with natural creams, you have t be patient when it comes to the results. Some users are reported to observe the effects in three months. Others say that the tattoo started fading earlier than three months. The outcomes will vary depending on the kind of ink used and the depth that the ink was deposited. So of course, if your ink was placed more in-depth into the skin, you may have to wait longer. Consequently, several tubs of the cream will be used for the procedure to be a success.

Even though the cream is made using natural products, the manufacturer recommends that the user employs safety measures when rubbing the ink into the skin. As such, the products come with two pairs of gloves, which come in handy during the application. In case yours wear off, you can rush to the nearest chemist and get new ones.

Being a USA product, you are assured that Spartan Perform Tattoo Destroyer is safe to use and the manufacturer has complied with the ISO standards required when producing items for mass use. Anyone who is not up to trying laser tattoo removal options can use this cream as an alternative. Not only is it cost friendly, but it is also painless. However, you may have to spend a considerably high amount of cash on the tattoo removal balm considering that each tub can be used for at most two weeks.

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  1. 100% TCA Peeling Tattoo Removal

Top of the list is this 100% TCA Peeling Tattoo Removal solution. Of course, it is made using an acid ingredient which may damage the skin if not checked, but it is a pure medical grade. In simple words, this solution has been certified to be used for medicinal purposes and so, it can be used to treat medical conditions that affect the skin.

The solution comes as a concentrate, which means that you have to dilute it before using it on the skin. What makes this the best tattoo removal solution is the fact that you can water it down to suit any skin. TCA Peeling Tattoo Removal comes in a 30ml bottle, which means that you have more to work with, after diluting it. On top of removing tattoos, the liquid can be used to eliminate skin growths such as moles, warts, and even treat wrinkles, fine lines, and acne related issues. You have to contact the supplier for instructions on how to dilute the solution while you purchase the product.

Once you begin using this product, be ready to experience uncomfortable effects that come with using any chemical-based tattoo removal option. However, you can also rest assured that your tattoo will fade gradually if you use this product. Best of all, this tattoo removal product comes with a pocket-friendly tag. You can get from various online stores such as Amazon or eBay for $20 or less.

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What Are Tattoo Removal Creams

Tattoo removal creams are balms, ointments, or liquid solutions that are used to fade out tattoos over time. They work by peeling the top layer of the skin and bleaching the tattoo ink.

The result is a distorted version of your tattoo. You are only required to apply the ointment on the imprint as directed by the manufacturer until you observe the anticipated results. Tattoo removal creams are divided into two categories.

Some are made using natural ingredients while others are comprised of chemicals. While each of these creams has different elements, a few of them are essential for the creams to be effective.

In both options, there is a portion of acid available in the treatments, which is the critical component in the best tattoo removal creams. The acid is the ingredient that is responsible for bleaching the ink: thus, clearing the tattoo.

How Much Does Tattoo Removal Cost

The amount of cash you may have to spend to get rid of the tattoo depends on the kind of treatment option you want to use. There are several tattoo removal options that you can consider to have the emblem removed. Each of these options has various procedures that are undertaken to make the tattoo removal process a success.

If you are looking to use tattoo removal creams to take care of the imprint, then it may not cost you much considering that you do all the work from the comfort of your home. Even so, the amount you spend is dependent on the number of tubes of ointments you will purchase before you achieve the effects you desire. If you use a container that costs $44 and you require ten of these tubes to complete the process, you will spend $440 on the process.

If you opt for laser tattoo removal, however, the lowest amount of money you will part with to facilitate the process is approximately $1000. If you happen to have a tattoo that is massive or one that is relatively old, the price is likely to go up by several thousands of dollars. This is because such tattoos require several visits to the parlour before the job can be completed.

The same case applies to all other laser removal options. The more the number of visits you have to make to the treatment parlour, or the more extensive your procedure is, the higher the cost.

How Does A Tattoo Removal Cream Work

A tattoo is created when the skin is punctured using a needle that is specifically made for this function. During this procedure, the needle deposits ink tattoo on the dermis, which is intended in allowing the tattoo pattern to be seen. The white blood cells in the body, on the other hand, respond by trying to swallow the ink molecules as a defense mechanism.

However, the ink molecules prove to be a tad too big for the white blood cells to take in. This causes the ink to stagnate in the area that they are deposited. Once the ink dries off, the tattoo takes perfect shape, showing clearly the ink colour that was dropped into the second layer of the skin.

Essentially, there are two types of tattoo removal creams. These work differently depending on the ingredients that are used in the production of the cream. These creams are:

The skin-bleaching tattoo removal cream : When applied to the skin, this balm bleaches the dermis to achieve a lighter version of the tattoo. This is accomplished through the reduction of ink colour present in the second layer of the skin. Ointments of this nature have bleaching agents incorporated in them as the main ingredients.

Skin peeling tattoo removal creams : Unlike the bleaching oils, the skin removal cream aims to peel off the layer of the skin where the tattoo is. The science behind this invention is that the skin will replenish itself constantly whenever it is damaged. Therefore, the damaged skin will peel off together with some components of the tattoo. Additionally, the solution also bleaches the ink in the skin. Eventually, you will get the desired effects after several layers of skin have been peeled off.


Before you choose any of the above tattoo removal creams or solutions to use on your skin, be sure to read the reviews made by other users to get a better perspective of the products. In case you opt for products made using natural ingredients, be ready to use several tubs of creams before you can erase the tattoo. If a TCA-based solution is what you go for, take care not to use it on sensitive skin. Also moisturize your skin every time you use the product, to keep your skin supple and healthy. Keep in mind that the active ingredient, TCA, can cause the skin to scar if you use the solution regularly without diluting it. Therefore, ensure that you read the manufacturer’s instructions before using any of these products.

Among all the products that we have reviewed, the TCA Skin Peel kit stands apart from the others by adopting a safer and more user friendly approach towards tattoo removal. It literally contains no additives and can easily be diluted to suit your desires without compromising on the effectiveness by any means.


Armed with the promise of providing safe and effective removal of your tattoo(s) and leaving your skin with a dash of liveliness, the TCA Skin Peel kit is indeed our favorite one.

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