15 Best Weight Loss Pills and Supplements for Men & Women

Best Supplements And Pills That Works - Science Based Proofs And Evidences

Lifestyle diseases are becoming common these days, and contrary to popular belief, they cut across social classes. It is no wonder that doctors are working round the clock in search of a top weight loss supplements that sheds off excess body weight without the risk of side effects. This quest for a magic solution to weight control is proof enough that losing weight and maintaining the right weight according to one’s body mass index (BMI), takes more than mere willpower. You may have successfully resisted the urge to pick up that ice cream tab at the supermarket, but the battle is far from being won. So far, hundreds of best pills for weight loss have been formulated and even more dietary supplements for weight loss introduced into the market. Luckily, most of these products can be found in your local drug store as the best over the counter weight loss pills but before you walk up to buy anything, a review of what is available to you will guide you in finding the weight loss supplements that work for you. First and foremost, let us find out what the best weight loss pills for men do inside the body to cause loss of weight;

Weight loss pills mechanism

The body weight of an individual is determined by how their neuropeptides and transmitters, originating from the brain, interact with metabolic hormones. Weight loss drugs are designed to target these circuits of information, and by redirecting them, intervene to control weight. A weight loss pill is effective if it successfully reduces energy intake or alternatively increases energy spending without harming the body. Considering the fact that energy expenditure greatly depends on the basal metabolic rate (BMR), some pills directly alter the production and use of the thyroid hormone in the body. This is the hormone that tells the body when and how much to eat depending on the glucose levels in the blood. When the human body goes to sleep, all systems go on a near shut-down that is why light meals are recommended before sleep. Drugs that target this body mechanism, assume of a state of energy need in the body and what results is the breakdown of stored fats when one is asleep.

On the other hand, there are best weight loss pills whose functionality is pegged on the level of energy uptake throughout the day. At daytime, the human body has fluctuating levels of energy needs depending on the level of physical or mental activity going on. A weight loss pill that targets energy intake must counter eating habits, social pressures, and satiation signals. By combining two or more active ingredients, such pills will decrease appetite by creating an illusion of ‘fullness’ throughout the day. If the need to eat is not there, you will either, skip a meal or eat little. The best pills for weight loss are quite effective because they will naturally trigger the reduction of food portions, causes conscious food selection and extend periods that one goes without eating, in the long run cutting off excess body weight.

Another way of analyzing the working mechanism of a weight loss pill is to consider the ingredients it contains and how they individually trigger the process; for instance, drugs that contain diethylpropion, sibutramine or phentermine, promote weight loss by altering the function of the hypothalamus. This is a region in the brain from where appetite is regulated – by blocking the production of norepinephrine and serotonin which are hormones that release into the brain when one is full. Some drugs in this category will mimic the action of PYY that tells the body when to stop eating. When this happens when the stomach is empty or partially full, one is forced to eat less or stop eating. Another chemical that is found in weight loss pills is orlistat and this will work by inhibiting the function of a fat processing hormone known as lipase. By causing an amount of lipase that is less than the amount of fat ingested, a significant amount of fat is removed from the body as fecal matter.

Types of weight loss pills

Just like medicine is formulated and packaged in various forms to accommodate the unique needs of a vast population, so are some of the best diet pills for weight loss.

The best prescription weight loss pills will only be accessible to you if you have a doctor’s note to a pharmacy. This strict regulation has been enforced by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) Center because of the ingredients contained. A doctor is supposed to closely evaluate their patient before, during and after use of such drugs to ensure that they not only work effectively but also that they do not cause harm in the body. In most cases where a doctor writes a prescription for weight loss pills, the patient’s’ overall health is at grave danger due to their weight. The prescribing doctor will take the patient’s history; assess their heart, kidney, and liver before deciding the best weight loss pills for women or combination for them.

Over-the-counter drugs do not need a doctor’s prescription to buy. Although one person can recommend to another or to themselves, they are also regulated by FDA to ensure safety. Unless you are out to obtain best dietary supplements for weight loss in pill form, the FDA control will apply to any product formulated to aid in weight loss by using phenylpropanolamine (PPA) as the main ingredient. Are you wondering why FDA is so keen on regulating products that contain PPA? Well, in 2000, a recommendation from FDA to all drug manufacturers was to reconstitute weight loss pills that contained PPA because there had been reported cases of stroke in people who used the pills then.

Herbal supplements are also obtainable without a prescription. A wide variety of these medicines will be found in local groceries and nutrition stores because they are not considered to be typical medicines. Due to the fact that herbal supplements contain 100% natural weight loss supplements ingredients, the FDA has no regulation over them as medicines because of their classification as food products. On the flipside, the regulation that governs their safety and effectiveness is that of foods.

In this write-up, we will focus on some of the best weight loss supplements for men that are also suitable for use as weight loss supplements for women to achieve weight loss success. It is important to understand how each of them works and changes to expect in the body while taking them. This review has narrowed down on the best products in the market so that readers looking to lose weight by taking best pills for weight loss have an easy time buying what they need.

15 Best Weight Loss Pills and Supplements


  1. Ketosis advanced

Many who have tried this product refer to it as revolutionary and the buzz seems to have caught up with medics and celebs alike. So, why is everybody interested in this product? The product contains BHB, medically proven weight loss supplements formulated specifically for weight control. When Beta-hydroxybutyrate is introduced into the body, it immediately unlocks the action of Ketosis Advanced and the process of weight loss starts. The most interesting aspect of this formulation is that it changes the body’s metabolic system immediately. For those who have used these pills for weight loss, the general consensus is that results are recorded within a few hours of administration.

ketosis advanced

The success of Ketosis advanced is anchored on its ability to get the body into a natural state of ketosis where energy is obtained from burning fats instead of carbohydrates from the foods we eat. This state is achievable without medical intervention but it could take weeks or even months to stabilize. Ketosis Advanced is a catalyst to this process and it does not waste any time to get the body adjusted. Did you know that the body’s ideal source of energy is fat? This brings us to another important aspect for someone who is taking the Ketosis Advanced pills to achieve weight loss. What kind of diet should they be on? When you buy the Ketosis Advanced diet pills, you will be provided with a keto diet program that allows the body to get into the ketosis state and benefit from it.

There is a reason why some people are able to maintain a lean weight over time without much effort. The Beta-hydroxybutyrate is ever present in the bloodstream but it is much more important when it can cross through to the brain freely. By doing so, the brain registers it as an energy converter and remains alert when it happens, signaling to the body to process fat to obtain energy. Are you wondering what benefits you stand to get when on a Ketosis advanced supported diet? Regardless of gender, expect to feel lighter, have less abdominal fat, have improved food digestion and get better sleep.

Anyone who has the Ketosis Advanced supplement and diet program can walk the path of weight loss without the need for professional help. The pills are in capsule form and this makes them easy to take with water. The recommended dose is 2 capsules per day and this should be supplemented by a diet of keto friendly snacks and meals. It is easy to know if you are doing the right thing; you must experience improved focus and energy. You can make this even easier by taking a photo and measure weight before you begin the regime. An inventory of your sense of wellbeing, mental clarity and energy levels over the day will also help to assess any significant changes that require celebration. Do not panic if you take the celebration too far by overindulging at a buffet or sitting down with your favorite ice-cream – Ketosis Advanced will always work for you.

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  1. PHEN24

If you have embarked on the journey of weight loss, you probably think about it all the time when you are awake. Does the quest for a healthy weight take a break when you go to sleep? PHEN24 is a weight loss drug that takes into consideration that weight loss is a continuous process. The active components in this diet formulation are designed to get the body in shape round the clock. You will never have a weight loss journey as simple as this where PHEN24 is works from the inside while a little exercise works from the outside to give you a dream body weight. PHEN24 is one of the good weight loss supplements because this one product in in fact a combination of two formulas.

phen24 diet pills

The PHEN24 day formula contains components that enhance the body’s metabolism so that it is able to increase rate of burning calories. It also keeps the body’s energy levels optimized to be able to support exercise and physical activities which will still burn calories. Perhaps the most important action of this formulation is to trigger production of hormones in the body which target fat stored in the body to break it down.

When you are asleep, the PHEN24 weight loss pills is still in action because of the night formulation it contains. Immediately the body goes to sleep, this formulation kicks in to break down carbohydrates, proteins and fats through increase metabolism. You however do not need to eat more to because PHEN24 will be breaking down food items that are already in your system. At the same time, this formulation will reduce the urge to eat in the evening and this will automatically mean that there is less food in the gut when you go to sleep. In addition to eating less food, a drop in appetite means that you take time every time when selecting what to eat. It is an amazing science going in but you will be shocked that you get better sleep taking this weight loss pill because it free from any stimulant components.

The positive reviews on PHEN24 could only mean that this is a revolutionary product as far as achieving results is concerned but how does it work? As opposed to focusing on weight loss as a regime, this formulation considers it a lifestyle. Focus has been placed on sleep because it is a fact that many fail to lose weight using other plans because of poor quality sleep. Did you know that the best weight loss plan will not work simply because your body does not get enough rest at night?

Ingredients that constitute the day formulation are caffeine, cayenne powder, guarana extract, iodine, manganese, copper sulphate, zinc citrate and phenylalanine while those that make up the night formulation are glucomannan, biotin, chromium picolinate, vitamin B5, vitamin B1, vitamin B6, vitamin C, and hops extract.

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  1. Garcinia Cambogia Ultra Slim

What if someone told you that there is a weight loss pill that could help you lose weight instantly, burn excess fat from your body without the need to exercise, which is 100% natural and you will not have to observe any special diets? Well, there is and it is a product known as Garcinia Cambogia Ultra Slim derived from Garcinia Cambogia Extract which is a naturally occurring substance. The Garcinia Cambogia fruit is pumpkin shaped but this is not what is causing weight loss experts to buzz around it. The fruit is laden with HCA (Hydroxycitric Acid), a secret weight regulation component that allows you to lose weight without changing your diet. This happens because Hydroxycitric Acid is able to naturally suppress appetite and inhibit the body’s ability to convert glucose into fat. Weight loss is a process and for most people the commitment is hard to honor because of their busy schedule. Garcinia Cambogia is a breakthrough weight loss solution designed for people who for one reason or the other cannot follow strict dietary plans.

Garcinia Cambogia Ultra Slim

It is amazing how simply blocking fat and reducing appetite can drastically reduce weight but what exactly happens? To block production of body fat, Hydroxycitric Acid signals the liver to process all the sugar and starch in the blood into energy and this means that there are no fat deposits created to store. In suppressing appetite, this best supplements for weight loss

causes the body to produce serotonin, a hormone that is sent to the brain when the stomach is full to signal one to stop or eat less. If the level of serotonin produced is high, the body experiences less stress, improved mood, and less incidents of eating that is associated with emotional instability. This feeling of fullness, stretching over extended periods of time, is what eventually leads to loss of weight.

Garcinia Cambogia Ultra Slim is manufactured in the USA and the guarantee of high quality ingredients selection is FDA certification for the facility in which it is manufactured. Quality is additionally guaranteed by a money back guarantee that is affected if clients demand for it within 30 days of using the product. The verified scientific research behind Garcinia Cambogia Ultra Slim is what assures users of its effectiveness. Compared to regular dieting, studies indicate that the weight lost while taking this weight loss drug is 2-3 times more. A study conducted at Georgetown University Medical Center recently, had 60 obese subjects taking HCA extract pills while eating a diet of 2000 calorie per day over a period of 8 weeks, recorded a 5-6% drop in BMI.

For a weight loss drug to be in the news, it means that the media fraternity has done extensive research on it and makes positive conclusions on its effectiveness. It is no wonder then that Garcinia Cambogia Ultra Slim has been featured severally on Slate Magazine, the International Business Times and even CNN among others. As you would imagine, this wide media coverage is creating a great demand and the supplies are low everywhere because it is selling out fast. If this is the weight loss drug of your choice, you need to order way before the date you plan to start using it to allow your local store room for sourcing and delivery.

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  1. Garcinia Cambogia & Detox Combo

This product has an online rating of 5/5 and judging from its working mechanism in the body, the reasons for the positive reviews are clear. An ordinary weight loss regime is based on how quickly you shed off weight but weight control is never a result of calories control alone. The Garcinia Cambogia & Detox Combo functions by conditioning the body to be at optimum energy all the time. Those who have tried this drug for weight loss report that they do not experience hunger pangs regardless of how long they have gone without food. This avoids incidences of stress eating. Since it is a detox formulation too, it is helpful in flushing out toxins from the body and this improves general well-being as illnesses caused by presence of free radicals in the body are prevented. The benefit of conditioning the body to wellness is that weight lost is shed naturally and quickly without risk of packing up again immediately after use.

Garcinia Cambogia & Detox Combo

For those who have struggled with weight for a long time, the process can be daunting and discouraging especially if the fat you target is deep set and stubborn. Before you give up or even resort to extreme interventions, consider the fact that your weight is taking time to shift because of the amount of toxins choking your metabolism. Garcinia Cambogia & Detox Combo is the answer here and it is not only safe but also effective in weight control. The double boost you receive from this product is guaranteed to sculpt your body to the figure that you desire. So, why is it necessary to have a combination product anyway?

Garcinia Cambogia & Detox Combo is designed to combat stubborn weight that never seems to respond to regular weight loss pills. The formulation contains ingredients that ease bloating, constipation and flatulence that occurs when some people space meals too wide apart. If you fall under the category of people who are ever sneaking to the kitchen in search of snacks between meals, then Garcinia Cambogia & Detox Combo offers a ready solution. Snacking definitely helps the body to operate at constant energy levels throughout the day but it can be an embarrassing and expensive habit if not contained. Even without running your mind thinking of what to eat all the time, a dose of Garcinia Cambogia & Detox Combo keeps your energy needs balanced.

In the same way that diseases creep up on us without our knowledge, toxic wastes can build up gradually over time and nutrients will have a hard time working. Garcinia Cambogia & Detox Combo removes these wastes in a matter of weeks, giving the food you eat and a conducive environment in which to nourish your cells.

The main ingredient in this combo formulation is hydroxycitric acid (HCA) whose function is to inhibit the action of citrate lyase, a digestive enzyme that converts starch and carbohydrates into fat for storage. Hydroxycitric acid will also convert starch to glucose throughout the day and this is what achieves the consistent energy levels. Glycogen is a significant ingredient of the Garcinia Cambogia & Detox Combo weight loss drug and it targets hunger signals, keeping them at bay. Raspberry ketone is yet another important component in this formulation and since it is a protein hormone, it regulates metabolism.

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  1. Garcinia Ultra Pure

Garcinia Ultra Pure is a quality guaranteed product by the mere fact that it is produced in a facility that conforms to Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP). In addition to adherence to the strict regulations that govern its production, this best supplements for weight loss contains 50% Hydroxycitric Acid, providing the body 800mg of the active ingredient per serving. This is the main ingredient and which has been used in this formulation in its pure form. Hydroxycitric acid (HCA) works by blocking the body’s system of converting starch from carbohydrates and sugars to adipose fat. HCA targets the digestive enzyme, citrate lyase, which is responsible for conversion of excess food in the gut to fat which is later deposited around the body. By inhibiting this action, it means that carbohydrates are not processed into fat but into glucose which is released into the bloodstream to provide a consistent energy bank throughout the day.

Garcinia Ultra Pure

Since the product uses 100% pure Garcinia Cambogia, this natural weight loss drug is not only safe to use but its results are replicated in those that use it. While the formulation of this weight loss drug is the best natural supplements for weight loss, it requires combination with a diet and exercise program. The manufacturers have considered the fact that everyone’s body is different and that is why the order is accompanied by a customizable diet plan, fitness system and exercise schedule.

Losing weight with Garcinia Ultra Pure is quite straightforward because the manufacturer has provided aids or suggestions to complement the process. Just remember to keep plenty of drinking water close by. The product is sold under lenient terms to favor the doubting Thomases; can you imagine using pills for a while and if you are not happy with the results, return it to the manufacturer? Yes, a money back guarantee is an almost certain way of gauging the effectiveness of a product even before you buy it.

Perhaps the most important aspect of this weight loss diet pill is that all who order it are automatically subscribed to an online fitness program. The program is result based but only accessible by those that have an active membership. With this resource, you are guaranteed to be doing the right thing and at the same time you can easily track how well you are doing on it.

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  1. Garcinia Cambogia Extra

It is estimated that over 190,000 customers have managed to get their dream body by using Garcinia Cambogia Extra. Considering the power of referrals, this is quite a huge number of customers to report for a single product. Well, the secret behind this massive sales wave is that what is promised on the label is exactly what customers get when they use it. It is no wonder therefore that Garcinia Cambogia Extra is referred to as the fat-busting weight loss drug. So, why is this product attracting this level of following?

The quantity of a product consumed at once determines how fast it works because a large serving obviously contains a high amount of the active ingredients than a small one. The prescribed dosage of Garcinia Cambogia Extra provides the body with 1000mg of the active ingredient, HCA. this only means one thing, when you use Garcinia Cambogia Extra for weight loss; the results are rapid and impressive within a short period of time. Have you ever seen the tamarind fruit? If you have, then you have seen the source of power in the Garcinia Cambogia Extra. The rind of the tamarind is the most important part as far as making this product is concerned. Don’t think it is safe? Actually, researchers consider all parts of the tamarind fruit to be safe since it has been eaten by indigenous communities for a long time without health or safety concerns. Other than safety assurance, doctors have observed that those who take Garcinia Cambogia Extra to lose weight manage to lose 2 to 3 times weight loss compared to those who are not using the product. As a result, it is safe to expect up to 10 pounds shedding per month on regular diet with no special exercise routine.

The action of Garcinia Cambogia Extra is dual action because it will inhibit the production of hormones that trigger appetite and also inhibit product of fat in the body especially after a starch rich diet. It is easier to believe something that can be supported by facts and Garcinia Cambogia Extra is not short of these; tighter abs, firmer bottom, and thinner legs. How does this happen? Fat is a culprit and enemy to weight loss but luckily Garcinia Cambogia Extra will identify and melt down any fat deposits around the body. If you are using this product and your desire is to have a flat belly, you will get it faster than you can imagine. Fat deposits in the bum and thighs are the hardest to address but these parts are the inspiration for most people when looking to lose weight. Garcinia Cambogia Extra melts fat from these areas resulting in thinner legs and firmer bottom; you will no longer be conscious of well-fitting clothes because this new body flatters them.

One of the natural ingredients in Garcinia Cambogia Extra is Raspberry Ketone which has been seen to play a role in the release of adiponectin which is a hormone that regulates metabolism. The higher the traces of adiponectin in the body, the lower the fat levels will be and this is an automatic weight regulator.

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  1. Forskolin 250

An ancient weight loss remedy is good news to some people especially those that have a phobia for contemporary medicine. Although the prevalence of weight related complications is higher in modern times, the concept of weight loss has been around for ages. Forskolin is a fat melting machine that also has healing properties. Obtained from the Coleus forskohlii plant, the extract has for a long time been used for treatment of health conditions such as asthma and hypertension. The truth is that Forskolin only gained popularity after it was discovered to be successful in weight loss and management.

Forskolin 250

Within a few weeks of starting your regime with Forskolin, anticipate weight loss because the body will be thrown into a new normal where fat is burnt to release energy instead of storing it, the rate of metabolism is increased and more calories than what you eat are burnt. How does all this happen? Forskolin promotes the production of cAMP and once the body detects it, the brain is triggered to release an enzyme called lipase that is responsible for digesting fatty foods. One of the byproducts of breaking down fats is heat which means that the body behaves as it would when in a gym or workout session. You obviously do not need to exercise as a means to weight loss if you have Forskolin within reach, unless you want to.

This thyroid supplements for weight loss is among the few in the market that triggers multiple actions so that anyone is able to lose weight without much effort. Old practices are not always outdated and especially if they help the body to unlock its fat burning potential. By doing this, Forskolin proves that it is effective and an easy solution to weight control. The drug is also cheap and the customer always get value for money; how else would you describe getting 6 bottles of Forskolin for the price of 3? Luckily, this weight loss drug is for everyone who has struggled with excess weight at some point in their life, have a low metabolism that keeps food longer in your system, or would like to see tangible results in the weight loss journey. The main ingredient in Forskolin is 250mg of pure and potent Forskolin with a guaranteed performance.

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  1. Genius Burn

When compared to other weight loss supplements in the market, it is easy to pick out Genius Burn because the formulation contains clinically approved ingredients that collectively work to give you the body weight that you have always wanted… A total of nine products have been blended together to give you a drug that not only promotes loss of fat from the body but also supports mental function. The number of ingredients may look too many but each one of them has been verified for efficacy as a stand-alone component that will aid weight loss.

Genius Burn

It must be noted that Genius Burn is not a magic wand that will get rid of excess body fat in a wave – you must follow a strict diet and exercise program. Well, you are not becoming dependent on it in any way because it contains some great stimulant alternatives that will boost your energy without having a crash phase. Caffeine is a widely used ingredients in some of the most reputable weight loss supplements in the market. However, it is known to increase metabolism but this returns to normal after levels in the blood drop. Genius Burn does not contain caffeine so it can be safety paired with preworkout formulations or coffee.

Ever wondered where people who seem to be happy all the time get their energy from? Well, we might never know but taking Genius Burn as a weight loss supplement gives you the added advantage of living a stress free life. Expect to be in a good mood all the time and be in control of how much you eat and you will not be disappointed. This is just one of the many promises that the manufacturers of Genius Burn have given to their customers. So far, the greatest of them all is improved health because all the ingredients used are natural and they have been packed into capsules made from vegetables.

Marketed as one of the best weight loss supplements for men, Genius Burn is one of the best weight loss supplements for women and men who are conscious about what they feed to their bodies. When you are done with trial and error as far as your weight loss journey is concerned, Genius Burn gives value for money. Do you ever think of your body in terms of short term and long term goals? This product will draw your attention to this line of thinking.

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  1. Vintage Burn

One of the most popular misconceptions regarding weight loss is that when you see the weight on the scale dropping as a result of weight loss efforts, the plan is a success. Well, that could be true but there is a possibility that it is not. Ordinary weight loss regimes have no way of differentiating between muscle and fat which means that you might be losing weight but not in the correct way in which you should be losing.

The best supplements for weight loss regime targets fat and that is what Vintage Burn is designed to do. Did you know that when your body is shedding muscle, the process of burning calories happens 3 times as first compared to when fat is burning? The action of Vintage Burn as the best supplements for weight loss and muscle gain is to cause a fat melt down in the body while at the same time preserving muscle. This way, the end result you achieve is real and sustainable. Never mind the fact that it is also work at keeping your mood positive throughout, sharpen mental ability and keep you energized.

You naturally expect the manufacturer of Vintage Burn to list all its supposed benefits on the label of the product but when this list of benefits is from a third party source, you better believe that this product is the real deal. It contains raspberry ketones, garcinia cambogia as well as green tea extract, all natural ingredients that burn stubborn fat without causing any side effects. Take our word for it; Vintage Burn contains zero percent additives, artificial substances and preservatives. However, one of the active ingredients in this product is caffeine and that means that it is only suitable for healthy adults. You need to seek the advice of a physician if you are expectant, or suffer from any heart, kidney or liver disorder before proceeding to take it for weight loss.

Being a product of Old School Labs, California; Vintage Burn gives its users a high quality formulation. All the ingredients used are listed for public knowledge giving the user an assurance that he or she will benefit as per their need. To further stamp the credibility of this product in the market, customers have access to a dedicated customer service support which answers any question regarding use, availability, and expectations after using the product.

Analyzing your weight loss goals is the first step to using Vintage Burn because the product has a range of varieties each of which is formulated to achieve a unique weight loss goal. Whether your interest is in improving brain function, improving metabolism, boosting immunity, enhance sleep, strengthen skeletal structure or improve vital organs’ function, there is a Vintage Burn best metabolism booster pills for weight loss formulation just for you.

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  1. BURN-XT

Many products sold with the promise of aiding weight loss do not deliver satisfactory results but BURN-XT is bound to surprise you. Engineered for result oriented weight watchers, this product is the key when you want to lose weight perfectly. Actually, you will realize that what has been promised of this product by the manufacturer is what you get as the user. When was the last time you felt a splurge of energy run through your body at midday or been able to focus right after lunch? Well, in BURN-XT you have a weight loss supplement that regulates your energy levels throughout the day. You do not have to keep eating to get energy when using this best supplements for muscle gain and weight loss because its maximum fat burning action allows preservation of muscle.

The fact that this product is formulated from premium natural ingredients is good enough reason to try it because you will be getting the goodness of nature unaltered. You are also assured that your supplements for weight loss are safe because they are made in a facility that conforms to Good Manufacturing Practices. To test whether your body will tolerate this product, use the recommended dose for three days as you look out for any unpleasant changes in the body. The product works best when used alongside a quality exercise regime and nutrition routine.

A cutting edge fat burner, BURN-XT is a cutting-edge thermogenic formulation that is suitable for men and women. It works in synergy to burn fat and improve moods because every capsule is packed with a potent dose of a formulation aimed at giving you the sculpted body you have always dreamt of. In addition to identifying fat deposits around the body and breaking them down into energy, BURN-XT weight loss supplement keeps your appetite in check and this keeps unhealthy cravings at bay.

Designed to condition the body to do without fat in the system, BURN-XT is keto friendly and weight loss achieved after using it helps the body to achieve uniformity and proportionality, imagine that. What if you do not get it? Well, the manufacturer is sure that this is a superior quality and you can tell because of the money back guarantee clause applied for every sale. Amazon has over 2500 reviews of this product with an average rating of 4.3/5, a clear indication that its effectiveness is beyond contest. This can partly be attributed to safe manufacturing standards in a GMP certified facility that enforces safety, cleanliness and sterility of nutritional supplements. The other reason is that BURN-XT adjusts the body into a state where it is able to independently get rid of fat from the body and this maintains a healthy weight over a long time.

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  1. CLA 1250

Derived from safflower oil that has not been genetically modified, CLA 1250 is a weight loss supplement that is guaranteed to give you results. The drug is packed into soft gel capsules that makes it suitable for those who have a phobia for swallowing medicines. Other ingredients that have been used to formulate this product are vegetable glycerin, natural carob and purified water. As you can tell, no engineered components go into these pills and this gives users the assurance that the product that is going into their body is 100% natural. Still not convinced that this is a product that will aid your weight loss journey?

Every product in the market has an active ingredient without which the product would be totally ineffective. For CLA 1250, the active ingredient is available in a concentration of 95% and this is what offered by every capsule. There is no doubt that this is quite an impressive potency value and therefore great value for your money. The high potency level of CLA allows it to start working on fat deposits in the body as soon as you take it. Its most admirable action is balancing the ratio of body fat to lean muscle.

While you may have a general feeling of being different when you start taking CLA 1250 as a weight loss supplement, you need not anticipate jittery side effects. This is because the manufacturers have avoided use of stimulants such as caffeine that give your body a false high which later crashes leaving you feeling depressed until the next dose. And speaking of dose, recommended levels of CLA that can be taken in a day range from 1,700 mg to around 3,000 mg. The needs of your body depend on various factors and it is therefore best to get guidance from a qualified nutrition expert.

The quality of this product is governed by not only the source of raw material but its handling too. Since the facility in which its manufacturing takes place is GMP certified, users can be sure that the handling is as per required standards of safety. Third party testing of CLA 1250 is also another aspect that plays a role in ensuring users of an outstanding quality. As a first time buyer, many people are likely to be unsure of a product’s performance but buying CLA 1250 puts you at ease. Did you know that this is one of the few products in the world that offer a 90 day money back guarantee if the product does not work?

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  1. NutraChamps Apple Cider Vinegar

Presented in capsule form, NutraChamps Apple Cider Vinegar offers you 500mg of weight loss supplement with every dose. Grown organically, this product is aimed at giving its users the goodness of nature in an unfiltered and unaltered form. NutraChamps Apple Cider Vinegar is a super food but do not take my word for it; consider the fact that it will not only help you to lose weight but also cleanse your digestive system, detoxify your blood and give you a healthy gut that sucks in the goodness of every meal. With its action of restoring your health from the inside out, NutraChamps Apple Cider Vinegar is a dual formulation that regulates your weight and at the same time heals digestion conditions.

Some of the ingredients that enhance this formulation are Apple Pectin, a digestion hero in its own right for its action of weight management, detoxification and healthy digestion; black pepper extract, another important component of the NutraChamps Apple Cider Vinegar formulation increases the body’s ability to absorb more nutrients from food consumed. Worried that these many components give the formulation a taste you may not like? You will be impressed by the tasteless vegan capsules of the NutraChamps Apple Cider Vinegar because you will never get an incidence of after taste. Encasing these supplements for weight loss into a capsule is rather wise because liquid apple cider vinegar has been known to cause erosion of tooth enamel.

NutraChamps Apple Cider Vinegar offers its consumers the freedom of deciding how well the product is working for them. As a guarantee of its effectiveness and quality, you are allowed to request for a full refund if the product falls short of your expectations. This is a rather bold statement but at the same breath an expression of confidence because the manufacturers believe in their product.

Buying NutraChamps Apple Cider Vinegar to boost your weight loss efforts definitely looks like a good bargain especially because you can get your money back. Well, this is your chance to have the body weight that is healthy for you, improve the performance of your digestive system and cure acid reflux. Whether you buy the product for you or someone else, the result will cause a frenzy when the first consignment is over. That is a promise because you are pumping doses of super food every time you swallow a NutraChamps Apple Cider Vinegar capsule. And why not when there is only benefit to gain and no side effects? Are you vegan? Then this product is suitable for you because both the inside and outside are herbal supplements for weight loss.

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  1. MET-Rx ZM

One bottle of MET-Rx ZM contains 90 pills but before you consider this as too much think about the fact that the recommended dose is 3 pieces right before you sleep. Well, this time of day is best for most people because nothing much is going on so there is little chance of forgetting. MET-Rx ZM is packed with Vitamin B-6, Magnesium and Zinc so its action is directly related to muscle formation and function.

When you start taking MET-Rx ZM as a thyroid supplements for weight loss, you are making a conscious decision to improve your rate of metabolism with every serving. You may notice that your soft tissue injuries are healing faster than ever and this is because of the active ingredients in the supplement. Zinc is crucial to ensuring energy is synthesized and released for use by the body, Vitamin B-6 is part of the essential nutrients required for while magnesium is responsible for muscle contraction. A magic formulation indeed because it will not only help you to shed off unwanted weight from your body but also fire your body into optimum function.

For those who are on a physical workout regime, this weight loss supplement can be useful as a pre workout formulation that will keep your energy levels at peak and regulate the burning of calories in the body. Both men and woman weight loss supplements users will find this formulation of great help especially if involved in frequent physical activity throughout the day. You will appreciate this product more if you desire to train or compete without the unfortunate event that your muscles with contract involuntarily causing injury or distraction. The formulation contained in MET-Rx ZM is a true testament to the fact that hard physical work alone is never enough to build stamina – you have finally landed the secret to strengthening your mind and spirit as much as your body.

This is one of those products whose results are evident within hours or days of administration. Reviews from people with a recorded low energy level over a long time are some of the success stories of MET-Rx ZM. men especially have found this supplement worth their time because it not only boosts their energy at work but they also do not need medication to function in their capacity as husbands. The product works wonders and it can be a life saver for you too if you give it a chance. What else has the ability to save your marriage and boost your performance at work at the same time?

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  1. C4 Ripped

Starting a physical workout routine is never easy and although the willpower is there, a lot of people drop out simply because they feel too energy drained to sustain a session. Before you meet this huddle along your journey, why not try C4 Ripped and experience what other weight loss enthusiasts are enjoying out there? This pre workout formulation is designed to sustain your energy levels for extended periods of time. Did you ever wish that you could work out for twice as long as you doing now but could not find the stamina?

C4 Ripped does have a pleasant taste despite it having the ability to work wonders in the body. The initial taste that hits your taste buds is that of sugar but not just blunt sweet; the formulation is available in a range of flavors so you get to choose what your mouth can appreciate best from Tropical Punch, Cherry Limeade, Icy Blue Razz, Fruit Punch, Raspberry Lemonade, and Ultra Frost. A bit of spice can be isolated in the mouth but it is just a hint and nothing in the proportion that can burn your tongue. The slight sting can be attributed to the inclusion of pepper as one of the ingredients in C4 Ripped. Some people report that they feel a flash of tingles on their body and they assume that to be the action of C4 Ripped as it interacts with the system. Why does C4 Ripped seem to be a big name as far as weight loss supplementation is concerned? Well, being a pioneer in the field, the manufacturers of this product have had time to perfect it over time. It is a trusted brand in sports nutrition and many athletes attribute their neatly sculpted body to its effectiveness.

Although the formulation contains caffeine which stimulates your mind, every dose of C4 Ripped contains 1.6g of the active ingredient. This is your performance guarantee for this product because it means that your body is as alert as your mind when the weight loss supplement is in action. Being a cellular product, C4 Ripped targets and improves the structure of the cell and this will change you from your core. To ensure that it is safe, clinical studies have been conducted over time, third party testing commissioned and safe manufacturing standards adhered to.

When you start working out, you risk burning muscle in the place of muscle. C4 Ripped is your guarantee to burning fat and therefore remaining strong and in good shape during and after a regime. The ingredients contained in the C4 Ripped formulation target fat metabolism and energy reserve all for your benefit.

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  1. Zero Tea

When buying a product that has been hyped for its delivery of desired results, it is likely that what you expect is not what you will get but Zero Tea delivers more. Zero Tea has lived up to its reputation as a detox formulation that lights up your taste buds. Those who have taken herbal tea are familiar with the bitter taste of most brands but not with this product. It is actually impressive that this product has a sweet taste but has no sugar added. Those who sing praises of Zero Tea happen to be people who have tried other formulations for a long time. Even a simple dieting practice such as drinking plenty of water has far better results when done in conjunction with taking Zero Tea.

Imagine feeling stuck at a weight that is in excess of what you should weigh, follow a strict diet of clean food options, drink plenty of water to flush out the extra weight and exercise almost every day of the week without fail but have no results to show for all this. In just 1 week of taking Zero Tea, the success of the detox formulation can be felt in the form of change of hormone action and how energetic you feel. Since the Zero Tea is packaged in tea bags, you do not have to find a slot in between your meals as it can be taken as tea any time of the day, as many times as necessary.

Detoxing your system with Zero Tea will increase you rate of metabolism and this will instantly set your body into a process where fat deposits are converted back into glucose to provide energy for the body. At the same time, Zero Tea removes all the excess water from around your body cells and this rids your body of the bloated and sluggish feeling brought about by poor diets. Where do you think all the artificial dyes, preservatives, artificial flavors, stabilizers, trans fats and processed ingredients in your fast foods go? The deposit around the cells and deprive them of essential nutrients because their ability to nourish themselves is diminished. A daily dose of Zero Tea thyroid supplements for weight loss will reverse this but you must commit to consumption of whole foods and exercise.

If you are still wondering how Zero Tea differs from the rest of the weight loss supplements in the market, consider the fact that this blend of spices and teas cleanse your body of harmful toxins while still boosting your energy level. This can be done as a lifestyle but within 2 to 4 weeks the formulation in Zero Tea will have already worked its magic.

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The science behind weight loss supplements


The mechanism with which a weight loss supplement achieves its purpose is dependent on the active ingredients. The end result may be the same for a number of these products and so it is important to understand what is going on in the body when any of them is in action. Some products have only one line of action but others combines two or more of the following mechanisms;

  1. Suppresses appetite so that the user feels satisfied having eaten fewer calories than they are used to.
  2. Inhibit the digestion and absorption of fat do that it is either released from the body as is or converted to glucose to provide energy.
  3. Increase the rate of fat metabolism so that more fat is broken down, burning extra calories.

The following are the major active ingredients in most of the weight loss supplements in the market. They have been reviewed here in detail for the knowledge of the user because it is important to know where the medicine you are taking has come from, how it works any side effects and the success rate on those that have taken it before you.

  1. How does Garcinia Cambogia Extract achieve weight loss?

Studies that have been done on the effectiveness of Garcinia Cambogia Extract indicate that it causes weight loss by preventing the formation of enzymes that convert glucose into fat so that it can be stored below the skin. At the same time, Garcinia Cambogia Extract triggers the production of serotonin, a blood chemical that is produced in the brain to reduce the desire to eat. Serotonin tells the body to stop eating because it is full or tells the body to eat less because it assumes that the stomach is full. A study conducted with 130 people made a comparison between those that used Garcinia Cambogia Extract pills and others that were given a dummy pill with no weight loss prospects.

The fact that everyone who participated in the study has no significant weight loss is indicative of the fact that this weight loss supplement works slowly. On average it has been found to cause a weight drop of 0.88kg or 2 pounds over a couple of weeks. Even though the weight loss associated with Garcinia Cambogia Extract is modest, it can still be used with success by those who are patient in their weight control journey or prefer gradual weight loss.

  1. How effective is Caffeine For Weight Loss?

Many people around the world consume caffeine in various forms; tea, chocolate, coffee, and carbonated drinks. Aside from being a psychoactive substance that stimulates your senses, it is a popular supplement for weight loss. The caffeine ingredient in weight loss supplements is supposed to boost metabolism and this in simple terms means that your body will process any food you eat in no time. Studies have quantified this increase at 3-11% which is a good thing if your target is to burn fat because it translates into 29% fat metabolism.

The caffeine that is added to weight loss supplement formulations is an isolated molecule but naturally occurring caffeine can be obtained from taking green tea or coffee. Since the side effects of caffeine such as anxiety, irritability, insomnia, and overdependence are pronounced, experts’ advice on the use of caffeine in beverages for the extra benefits. A word of caution about the use of caffeine as a weight loss supplement is tolerance but this can be overcome if the user considers its use as medicinal and therefore takes a break after some period of use.

  1. How effective is Orlistat (Alli) For Weight Loss?

The weight loss drug Alli is the best OTC weight loss pills available by the same name but when you have a doctor’s prescription for the same; do not be shocked if you see it referred to as Xenical. You will lose weight using this drug because of its action of inhibiting the production of enzymes that break down fat in the digestive system. Without this enzyme, minimal fat traces make it into the bloodstream while the rest is removed from the body as waste. Anyone taking this product for weight loss should be willing to commit to an exercise program at least until all fat deposits that are already there have been broken down.

When clinical studies were done to compare the effectiveness of Orlistat for weight loss, it was discovered that it does more to reduce weight as opposed to wishful thinking. A minimum weight loss of 2.7kg or 6 pounds over a couple of weeks can be expected. In addition to weight loss, Orlistat has other benefits that users will find important; lower high blood pressure as well as the risk of getting diabetes type II by 37%. For those considering Orlistat as a weight loss supplement, they should follow a diet that is low in fat because the anticipated side effects are attributed to fat in the digestive system. Experts have however concluded that weight loss achieved by combining Orlistat with a low-fat diet is the same as achieved when taking a low carbohydrates diet without any supplement.

  1. How effective is Hydroxycut for weight loss?

For a drug that has been in the market for more than 10 years, it is easy to understand why Hydroxycut commands respect as a weight loss supplement for the current health needs. Several different variations of this drug exist for the modern weight watcher but if you land one that is simply known as Hydroxycut that is all you need. Hydroxycut is a combination drug because it is formulated with a blend of plant extracts and even caffeine. All these ingredients combined help to reduce weight when taken on a regime.

From results of studies conducted on the effectiveness of Hydroxycut, this supplement causes a weight loss of 9.5kg or 21 pounds over a period of 3 months. The formulation works for everyone but those that have a caffeine intolerance may experience tremors, diarrhea, anxiety, nausea, and irritability. This observation is based on a single study and can be taken to be true to that effect.

  1. How effective is Raspberry Ketones for weight loss?

Ketones are naturally found in raspberries and are what gives the fruit its distinct smell. Today, scientists have been successful in creating a synthetic version of this component which is primarily developed to be used for weight loss. As a weight loss supplement, raspberry ketones increase the rate with which fat is broken down in the digestive system. The main reason why people love this weight loss product is that it triggers the body’s own weight watchers. By triggering the production of a natural weight loss hormone, users are capable of maintaining regular diets without becoming overweight.

All the studies that have been done on the effectiveness of raspberry ketones as a weight loss drug used rats as test subjects. However, these rat studies indicate that the rate of weight gain goes down when massive doses of raspberry ketones are consumed. The only side effect you should be aware if this is the weight loss supplement you chose is burp that has the smell of raspberry; a good thing especially when in public.

  1. How effective is Glucomannan for weight loss?

The elephant yam is not just food but medicine too. A type of fiber obtained from this root also known as konjac is what science calls Glucomannan. This fiber-based extract is the best water pills for weight loss since it is processed into pills that can be easily swallowed on routine because it has been found to possess weight loss ability. Being a fiber supplements weight loss extract, this product does not undergo digestion and therefore leaves the gut whole. However, when Glucomannan is swallowed, it starts to absorb water just like polymer inserts do. The water absorbed becomes gel-like and is no longer available to the body for use. At the same time, the puffed fiber causes a feeling of fullness and causes you to eat less.

There have been 3 studies conducted on human beings to establish the effectiveness of Glucomannan as a weight loss supplement. In all three, the performance of Glucomannan is enhanced if users eat a healthy diet and in 5 weeks are able to record weight loss of 3.6-4.5 kg or 8-10 pounds. The Glucomannan fiber supplements weight loss extract is food to the friendly bacteria that reside in the gut so feeding them increases their benefit in your body. People who have used Glucomannan report to experience flatulence, bloating and loose stools so it is recommended that the supplement be taken half an hour before meal time.

  1. How effective is Conjugated Linoleic Acid (CLA) for weight loss?

CLA has been in the weight loss arena for many years because of its ability as a weight loss supplement is consistent. It is a naturally occurring fatty acid that is found in animal products like butter and cheese so it happens to be one of the healthier fats you are permitted to consume in the quest for the perfect body weight. When CLA gets into the body, it begins to work by first suppressing appetite so food portions are automatically reduced. CLA also triggers a spike in the rate of metabolism enabling the food you eat especially at night to be completely digested within a short time.

Perhaps the most crucial function of CLA is to breakdown body fat and this results to loss of weight packed in the form of fat deposits around the body. CLA has been the subject of many weight loss studies; from comparing 18 different reports, it is proven that weight loss as a result of taking CLA supplements is 0.1kg or 0.2 pounds per week for a period of 6 months. When studied alongside a dummy pill, CLA loses 1.3kg or 3 pounds of body weight. Caution should be taken not to take CLA over extended periods of time as the side effects could be fatal.

  1. How effective is Forskolin for weight loss?

The Forskolin weight loss supplement is derived from a plant of the mint family that has been used for a long time in the belief that it will help in weight control. Forskolin targets fat cells around the body and this happens because it triggers the increase of cAMP, a fat burning compound that is produced in the body.

From a study of 30 men in the overweight range, it was established that Forskolin does indeed lower the levels of fat in the body. This does not necessarily show on the scales because muscle mass may increase. This product favors those who are keen on toning their body without necessarily losing weight. This applies mostly to women as proven by the same study conducted on 23 overweight women with no effect. It does appear that these two studies are conflicting but that does not mean the supplement does not work. Guidance of a trained nutritionist is necessary to establish the dose and frequency along with the foods to be eaten.

  1. How effective is Bitter Orange / Synephrine for weight loss?

There are many types of orange varieties and while we may only know the once we use as fruits, there is a type known as bitter orange from which the synephrine compound is derived. Some weight loss formulations include a compound known as ephedrine closely related to Synephrine but has serious side effects. The FDA has since banned it and manufacturers are replacing it with the new extract Synephrine for even better results. Just like ephedrine before it, Synephrine is an appetite suppressant but within reasonable limits. It also increases the rate of metabolism, targeting to melt down fat deposits around the body.

Synephrine is a stimulant and hence may cause addiction if used over extended time periods. The few studies that have been conducted to assess its performance indicate that the weight loss it causes may only last a short while. Therefore, it is recommended where short-term weight loss is intended. Because of its high potency, Synephrine should only be administered on under the supervision of a health care profession.

  1. How does Green tea extract work to achieve weight loss?

The sound of green tea is soothing because it is a popular recommendation as a herbal quick fix for many ailments. Well, the antioxidants in green tea are what makes it popular as a healer beverage. Evidently, this green goodness has found its way into numerous weight loss formulations and the results so far are quite epic. EGCG is the active ingredient of Green tea extract and will induce weight loss by promoting the burning of fat deposits in the body. When Green tea extract is introduced into the bloodstream, it triggers increased production of norepinephrine, the hormone that metabolizes fat in the food we eat.

Due to its use in the cure and relief of disease symptoms, many human studies on Green tea extract have been conducted. The results obtained every time indicate that use of Green tea extract as a weight loss supplement promote fat metabolism and this, in turn, causes shedding of body fat especially around the stomach. There is nothing wrong with taking tea all the time especially if the tea does much more than quench your thirst. No side effects have been reported in those who use Green tea extract to reduce weight.

  1. How effective is Meratrim for weight loss?

Compared to other ingredients used in weight loss supplements, Meratrim may be considered the newcomer into the market. This supplement is made by combining two herbal supplements for weight loss extracts obtained from plants and jointly, they influence the metabolism of fat cells in pursuit of a lean body. Since it is still relatively new in the market, only a single study has been conducted to gauge its performance. It is believed that Meratrim inhibits the multiplication of fat cells, burns up stored fat in the body and decreases the body’s ability to absorb fat into the bloodstream.

On this single study, 100 obese people participated with half of them taking Meratrim and the other half taking dummy pills. All the subjects of the study were put on a 2000 calories diet that was followed strictly. The study ran for 8 weeks and after this time, those who were on a Meratrim diet were recorded to have lost an average of 5.2kg or 11 pounds as well as 11.9cm or 4.7 inches off their waist. Meratrim users also reported lowered cholesterol, lowered blood sugar and a general improvement in their quality of life.

  1. How effective is Green coffee beans extract for weight loss?

Green coffee beans are the regular coffee beans that are harvested before they have ripened. They do not undergo roasting because high heat level is believed to kill the weight loss properties of the beans. Green coffee beans extract is considered potent due to the presence of two substances, caffeine and chlorogenic acid that are believed to be instrumental in weight loss.

When a supplement containing Green coffee beans extract is introduced into the body, the two active ingredients swing into action; caffeine causes an increase in the rate at which fat is broken down and converted to energy while chlorogenic acid causes a slow motion in the process that carbohydrates undo in the gut. From the 3 studies conducted on the effectiveness of Green coffee beans extract for weight loss, an average of 2.5 kg or 5.4 pounds were lost. As it sheds off excess weight, Green coffee beans extract also reduces blood sugar, lowers hypertension and gets rid of free radicals. There is no need for the morning cup of coffee when taking Green coffee beans extract because the stimulant effect will be doubled.


The market today is flooded with a wide range of pills and formulations from which to choose the best dietary supplements for weight loss from. It can be quite overwhelming settling on a single product because every manufacturer has tried to market their creation as the best. Since these weight loss drugs and supplements are medicines in their own right, the first thing that you need to take into account is the fact that you will get side effects when using them. For this, why not make your processing of choosing easy by learning from the experiences of other people? We have narrowed down our list of 15 products to just three; Garcinia Cambogia, CLA and Vintage Burn. These are our reasons for settling on them:

  1. They are effective

It is rather obvious that these products are great performers when the weight loss task is placed before them. Instead of studying the constituent ingredients in a product and basing the selection of expected results, some people have been misled by false testimonials and recommendations. This does not mean that all reviews and customer rating should be ignored, in fact, all reviewed must be considered before assessing the individual ingredients. The least that a good product should do is to contain the ingredients it has listed in its marketing strategy. For all the three select products, there is scientific data that confirms the inclusion of listed products and customer reviews that support the action of these ingredients.

  1. Expert opinion

The fact of the matter is that supplements are medicines too and as such must be taken under the watchful eye of a health care professional. Experience with various patients using different supplements makes these experts a huge resource when comparing the performance of different supplements. Garcinia Cambogia, CLA and Vintage Burn are regularly recommended for weight loss candidates because they have proven to be suitable for people of different ages, gender, and weight loss goals. They even serve the purpose of menopause supplements for weight loss in women of advanced age.

  1. FDA certification

In addition to ensuring that the manufacturer has declared all the ingredients contained in a product, it is recommended that buyers only go for weight loss drugs that are US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved. This will ensure that manufacturing standards have been followed to ensure the safety and authenticity of a drug. Garcinia Cambogia, CLA and Vintage Burn are approved by FDA specifically because their active components are natural extracts that have been tested and approved by the administration.

  1. Re-order rate

Compared to the other 12 brands on this review document, Garcinia Cambogia, CLA and Vintage Burn have recorded the highest number of both first-time purchases and reorder rate. This means that their performance is leaving an impression in the masses and many just cannot keep the good news to themselves.

Honestly, finding the right weight loss pill for you can be quite a huddle and is likely going to take time. On the other hand, the market sees the introduction of new formulations every year, all claiming to be top weight loss supplements, further complicating the exercise of picking the best for you. It does not even make a difference if you are male or female because there is no way of whisking away the hard work. In reality, some of these weight loss drugs do not work but a good number will live up to their promises.


Weight loss pills are here to stay. While they don’t make you slim, they eliminate all the excessive fat that harms your body and helps in controlling your cholesterol, blood sugar and other such issues. It should be duly noted that patience is the key when it comes to losing weight. Your weight gain was a gradual process and so would be your weight loss.

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