Dermabellix Review: Ingredients, Benefits, Pros and Cons

What is Dermabellix?

Dermabellix is the natural and effective remedy which removes the skin tags safely, quickly without any pain within a 8 hours after the application to the affected area. It is chemical free its all natural ingredients are skin friendly. The best part of the product is it has no side effects at all.
Dermabellix is the most favored home remedy for the removal of skin tags and moles at any area of the body. Doctors and surgeons suggested that dermabellix is the best alternative for surgeries and other painful methods.

Why choose Dermabellix:

Every in five people is suffering with skin tag. Although skin tags are harmless, it can be irritating and unappealing to some people. There are many methods to get rid of skin tags, some of them are surgeries, cutting skin tags and natural home remedies etc.

Opting for surgical methods is not a good option because they are costly and painful methods to remove skin tag and of course anesthesia used in these surgeries is local anesthesia. Next option you think in cutting skin tag, this method is painful and even increases the risk of infection and bleeding Finally we think to opt home remedies. Ok It’s well and good but it will not be giving you any effective results cause every medication has a formula to follow and we all don’t know that, for an example essential oils can remove skin tag, but you don’t know which essential oil and other effective ingredients mixed in it. We even don’t know the amount ingredients required to remove skin tag and their quantity. So its better to leave this job for experts.

Expert pharmacist has made a formula using natural ingredients to remove skin tag safely and named the formula as dermabellix. Dermatologist suggest dermabellix as a solution to remove skin tag. Dermabellix strong effective formular uses all natural ingredients and it safly remove skin tag without any pain by drying off the skin tag to fall off easily. So why go for other expensive and painful methods while dermabellix gives you guarantee skin tag removal.
clinical trial confirms using Derma Bellix triggered an improvement of 87% in skin quality.

Ingredients of Dermabellix:

  • Vitamin B3: It is also called Niacin, it has a number of beneficial effects on fats and should not be used for treating high cholesterol or high-fat levels in the blood.
  • Acetyl HexaPeptide-8: It is the most common product used in most cosmetic materials it helps as anti-aging and anti-wrinkling serum.
  • Glycerin: Glycerin is one of the traditional product which has been using for skin care from our grandmothers. It will be used for acne treatment, skin cleansing, anti-aging, and moisturizer.
  • Retinol Oil: Nothing but Vitamin A is a best anti-aging agent repairs dull and patchy skin, and stubborn wrinkles.
  • Natural oils:natural ingredients used in dermabellix is mainly extracted from the plants of the Myrtaceae family. These are very effective in treating skin tags because of their antifungal and antibacterial attributes and smell very pleasant. They act as a potent astringent, which helps to dry out the skin tag, causing it to fall fast. They do not make any harm to the skin and can be applicable to any affected part without any suspicion.

How Dermabellix works

how dermabellix works

When you apply dermabellix to skin tag using applicator, the active ingredient in dermabellix penetrate skin tag for its roots. When dermabellix solution reaches melanocyte, which is the roots of skin tag in dermal layer it start its work by drying off the tag. Once you notice pine needle scent, you will that dermabellix is working in removing the skin tag . All this process takes at least 6-8 hrs.
After 6-8 hrs dermabellix formular dry off the skin tag and cause it to fall off.

Pros of Dermabellix:

  • Very effective on skin tags and moles.
  •  Improves skin glow and complexion
  •  Easy to use
  •  Made with all natural products.
  •  No side effects of the products.
  •  Cost-effective
  •  Suitable for all skin types.
  •  No odd smell
  •  Doesn’t leaves any scars after use

Cons of Dermabellix:

  •  Product only available online
  •  product is not for an  acne prone skin
  •  product is not for people with other skin issues

Is Dermabellix Fraud?

Dermabellix is a 100 percent genuine product with all natural ingredients.
Most of the consumers are very happy with the product and stated that it is very effective and showed positive results very quickly. Of course, some spam products are released with the same name in the market that spoiled the goodwill of the original one. It is always very important to buy the product from the original website instead of being cheated by the incredible manufacturers.

How to use Dermabellix:

You need to follow these three general steps to apply dermabellix solution

• Step 1: Wash the skin around the tag and dry it using a clean towel to remove dirt on it.
• Step2: apply dermabellix solution on the tag using the bush applicator attached to the cap of the bottle.
• Step 3: it take 6-8 hrs for the skin tag to fall.if the tag does not fall, apply the product again.
It is recommended to use this skin tag remover at night to avoid any rubbing dermabellix solution off.

Precautions to use dermabellix

  • To achieve effective results it is better to use dermabellix at night
  •  Never touch or pick at the scab
  • After the skin tag falls off, apply a repair cream to speed up the healing time and further reduce the risk of       scarring.
  •  If you shower, do not rub the skin tag dry with a towel, but rather pat it dry.
  •  dermabellix is not sold in general medicine stores
  •  Never take dermabellix from any source, if its warranty label is already broken
  •  Keeping Dermabellix in a dry and cool place so that you can keep the product for a long time
  •  Never apply more than required
  •  Never apply it on more skin area than required
  •  Use it according to the exact guidelines only

Side effects of using Dermabellix

There are no side effects of using dermabellix this is because Dermabellix formula is made of all natural ingredients which are skin friendly.

Testimonials from happy clients:

Hello, my name is Maria and I am one of the most satisfied customers of Dermabellix. I had been suffered from multiple warts and skin tags around my neck and armpits for many years, I felt very irritating actually because it affects my looks and looking very odd while I wore sleeveless. I am very hesitated to visit the doctor because of the reason that they will suggest surgeries or any laser treatments.

One of my friends suggested me the product Dermabellix, but I am in a state to believe it or not the online products because I was vexed with many. I just gave the last chance based on many positive reviews of my buddies, for my goodness its worked very well, I didn’t believe my eyes it removed my skin tags within no time without leaving any scars on my skin.

I felt so happy, I treated my skin tags at home without any treatments so fast, also it is cost effective and smells good.

I really loved the product and I will suggest it to many people like me. Thanks to Dermabellix you made my skin so smooth, shiny and tags free.

Dermabellix Pricing & Return Policy:

Dermabellix offering its products only from its official websites, the prices may vary from single to bulk orders.
Let us check out the price list in order.

  •  A single bottle costs $56.00 each (free shipping and $40 gift card included)
  •  Two bottles cost $44.97 each ($89.94 total, free shipping, and $40 gift card included)
  •  Three bottles cost $36.65 each ($109.95 total, free shipping, and $40 gift card included)
  •  Five bottles cost $25.99 each ($129.95 total, free shipping, and $40 gift card included)
    The prices may vary in each site.

The company offers 30-day money back policy if you do not have any results after the use. In order to exercise this policy, you’ll need to contact customer support number 888-666-0984 or you can drop a mail to to request an RMA number. You must return the product only within 30 calendar days of your purchase. The buyer will be responsible for the shipping and handling the product back to the manufacturer, and $9.99 restocking fee is also bearable by the customer.

Where to buy dermabellix

Dermabellix is only available online. you will not find this product in local market. Be aware of the fake products available online. best way to buy dermabellix is from its official website.

Final verdict:

Dermabellix is medically proven and suitable for the treatment of skin tags and moles. It is certified that it is safe for the skin types and for all age groups. Many positive reviews are on the side of the Dermabellix stated that “It is very effective for their skins and cures the tags very fast”.
We always suggest buying the right product based on the testimonials and the reviews of various customers and clients of the product, this will helps in choosing the right product without any damage to your health and skin.