5 Best Natural And Essential Oils for Eczema

Coconut, Peppermint, Tea Tree, and More Essential Oils For Eczema

What is Eczema?

Eczema, most commonly referring to atopic dermatitis, is the term used to describe the collective skin conditions caused by inflammation. It causes rashes which appears in patches and are extremely itchy. This can get very uncomfortable making day to day life difficult. Constant itching due to eczema becomes really stressful and also triggers the chances of further skin infections. Eczema affects about 35-43 million Americans. While the exact cause of the disease is not known yet, environment and genetic factors are believed to play potential roles. It’s fairly common in families with a history of asthma or other allergies.

Avoiding the usage of soaps and detergents, keeping away from stress and being aware of foods that might trigger an outbreak helps keep your eczema on check but in addition to these, using essential oils on the itchy rashes play a very important role in keeping your skin smooth and moisturized and preventing the itchiness and in turn preventing further skin infections. Here let’s discuss what we found out to be the best natural oils for your skin.

Best Oils for Eczema (Coconut, Tea Tree, Peppermint And More)

  1. H-Eczema Formula by Amoils

h eczema amoilsThis distinctive formula is made with a combination of the best quality pure essential oils derived from Lavindula officinalis Flower Bud, Daucus Carota Seed, Helichrysum italicum flower, Rosa mosqueta Seed Oil and other ingredients like Iris versicolor 12C and Anacardium orientale 12C. It works very effectively, relieving you from the constant itching and discomfort giving you a good night’s sleep. In addition to curing your symptoms of Eczema, it also nourishes your skin from within giving it a smooth texture and keeping your skin healthy and clear.


  • It goes well with any kind of skin, including children’s, causing absolutely no allergic reactions.
  • Quick results. This natural blend helps you to quickly get relieved from the rashes, itching and any discomfort caused due to eczema.
  • It makes your skin feel and look fresh and healthy.
  • H-Eczema oil relaxes your mood and induces a good sleep.


  • The bottle only comes in sizes of 11 ml and 33 ml and gets used up quickly. But then it’s totally worth the positive results it gives you.
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  1. Bergamot Essential Oil by doTerra

Bergamot has been used from a very early time to reduce stress and as an additional ingredient in tea because of it’s beautiful aroma. It is derived from a cross between a very delicate citrus plant called Citrus limetta and Orange. Bergamot has anti-inflammatory properties which helps cleanse your skin and purifying it while also making you feel calm and relaxed and allowing you to have a peaceful rest.


  • It’s floral scent helps uplifting your mood and making you feel stress free.
  • Bergamot oil also helps curing cold and flu.
  • The oil is very vigorous, so you need not use it in larger quantities.


  • Applying it right before going out in the sun might cause allergic reactions.
  • It is not safe for children.
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  1. Lavender Essential Oil by Rocky Mountain Oils

This formula is extracted from Lavandula angustifolia. Lavender oil is best known for it’s herbal fragrance and is used in large scales in making perfumes, soaps and bath oils. This oil, when blended with a carrier or after the application of a cleansing oil, helps soothe the skin and mitigate the symptoms of eczema with it’s effective anti-inflammatory and antiseptic properties. Lavender oil is also known to help better blood circulation.


  • It helps treat anxiety and stress.
  • This aromatic product can be used as a refresher in your home, office or car.
  • Scent coming from this oil can help children fall asleep faster.


  • Lavender oil should not be used by women during pregnancy.
  • Sometimes people may feel nauseous after using it.
  • It may cause an allergic reaction on some people.
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  1. Jojoba Oil by Leven Rose

Leven Rose Jojoba Oil is derived from the plant Simmondsia Chinensis found in Arizona, USA. The product comes in a pure form, left unrefined, containing all the necessary fatty acids and essential nutrients in it which works gently on your skin. It must be taken care that you place the oil in a cool and dry surrounding since higher temperature makes it lose some of it’s properties making it less beneficial. Jojoba Oil moisturizes your skin and softens your palm and feet. Furthermore, the oil also aids in helping you getting rid of acne and blisters. You can even use this for massaging your body.


  • Leven Roses’ Jojoba Oil can be used for multiple purposes. It can be used on your skin, hair and nails, as well as for removing makeup from your face.
  • The product is purely organic.


  • Few people complain that the smell of the oil is not something you would particularly enjoy.
  • The oil is not as dense and greasy and is very light opposed to how it actually is supposed to be since the product actually comes from plant wax.
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  1. Anjou Organic Extra Virgin Coconut Oil

No, Coconut Oil does not count as an essential oil. Nonetheless, anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties the oil possesses makes it a suitable product to be used on your skin and soothe the uneasiness caused by eczema plus the presence of fatty acids in it makes the oil overall healthier.


  • Suitable for people of any age. Does not cause any allergic reaction.
  • Can blend easily with almost any other oil.
  • Might be used for cooking, massaging your body, moisturizing your skin and nourishing your hair.


  • The bottle might get a little leaky.
  • Absorption of the oil into the skin takes a little while.
  • It’s scent is not appreciated by some people.
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  1. Juniper Oil by Edens Garden

Juniper Oil, extracted from the berries or cones of Juniperus communis, is antiseptic and detoxifying in nature, both of which make it a suitable extract to minimize eczema and it’s symptoms. Besides being beneficial to the skin, it also helps you to urinate often, removing any unwanted accumulation of water in your body, in turn making your skin radiate. This Juniper extraction also aids you to feel mentally energized.


  • Having got a fresh woody or fruit like scent, it helps uplifting your mood and improves blood circulation.
  • Helpful in relieving pain in patients suffering from arthritis or gout.


  • Pregnant and nursing women can use this only on doctor’s consultation. It’s safer to avoid using it during pregnancy since the oil stimulates uterine contractions.
  • This oil cannot be used without diluting a little because in it’s pure form it is too potent to be used directly on skin.
  • People suffering from any kidney related diseases or disorders are advised not to use Juniper extractions.
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Beginners guide to Eczema and Natural oils for Eczema

Why is H-Eczema Formula by Amoils ranked 1 on our list?

H-Eczema Formula is made from only best quality natural ingredients like Iris versicolor 12C, Anacardium orientale 12C and a blend of essential oils extracted from Marticaria recutita flower, Daucus carota seed, Lavandula officinalis flower bud, Helichrysum italicum flower, Cymbopogon martinii aerial parts and some more oils including Simmondsia chinensis seed oil and Rosa mosqueta oil making the formula a perfect match for your skin and allowing the product to be suitable on children of just 2 years old too. Plus people with sensitive skin can use it with no worries. The product can be topically applied, i.e, directly applied on your skin. This homeopathic formula seeps deep into your skin, moisturizing it from within, making your skin smooth and radiant. Overtime you also get rid of all your rashes and the symptoms keep getting lesser and lesser frequent. You don’t feel itchy anymore and can finally get a nice peaceful sleep which in turn uplifts your mood. We also found H-Eczema Formula gives very quick results. We did not find any significant drawbacks except that the bottle only comes in smaller sizes. The efficiency makes up for it though, making it a trustworthy product we highly recommend.

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Why choose Essential/natural oils over Eczema creams?

Doctors may sometimes suggest you to use creams for eczema. While it might give you temporary relief, they are not really that good for you in the long run. Eczema makes it harder for your skin to absorb and retain moisture because of which your skin dries up more and more over time. Natural/Essential oils directly or with carrier oils, effectively battles this issue and gets absorbed on ease and simultaneously nourishing, moisturizing and soothing your skin making it glow and look fresher than ever. And since natural means 100% pure with no artificial addition, it works more gently on your skin than eczema creams which generally consists a few to many artificial ingredients that can be harsh on your skin giving you rashes or a burning/stinging like sensation. Creams may also cause discoloration or thinning of you skin. So even if they do help you get rid of your pain, it almost always comes back. On the other hand, natural oils keeps making the symptoms lesser frequent.

It’s safe to say that natural/essential oils are superior to the commercial creams for eczema.

How to use natural oils on skin for best results?

Before we jump to the procedure, I need to provide you with an important note. Before trying any of these natural oils on your skin for the actual work, apply it on a very small patch of you skin. Wait for 24 hours and check for any allergic reactions. In any case of slightest discomfort, stop using the oil further and consult a doctor. And if it is all good like it should be, go ahead, make your skin shine and smile. Let’s continue with the instructions now.

  • It is very important to dilute the Essential oil before applying it on your skin. While some products are already diluted, it’s safer to still dilute it to prevent any slightest chances of irritation and other allergic reactions. The dilution process is usually done with carrier oils like coconut oil or olive oil. Using a tablespoon of the carrier oil and adding 2-3 drops of the Essential oil or adding 12 drops of the Essential oil to 30 ml of the carrier oil does much of the needed help.
  • Once you are done diluting, you are now ready to topically apply the diluted oil on your skin. Topical application means using the product directly on the bare skin. This way the oil gets completely absorbed inside the skin and sometimes into the bloodstream, relieving you of the discomfort caused by eczema and reducing muscular cramps.

You might be wondering how do you prevent getting the disease in the first place? Since the exact cause isn’t known yet and is believed to be a genetic disorder, you cannot really prevent yourself from contracting eczema. But no, don’t worry. You can still protect yourself from suffering from the itchy flare ups.

How do you prevent eczema flare ups?

  • Keeping yourself moisturized is the foremost thing you should take care of. While there are also options like lotions and creams, we strongly recommend you to use natural essential oils for minimized chances of allergic reaction. They go very gentle on your skin, preventing you from having any unwanted rashes or blisters plus also being beneficial in nourishing your skin from inside, giving it a smooth texture. Oils consisting of fatty acids always work more effectively. For best results, we found out that applying the natural oil right after taking a bath while your body is still damp works best.
  • Stressful situations trigger eczema. When you feel stressed, your body goes in a fight or flight mode, releasing hormones like adrenaline and cortisol in higher quantities. Increased amounts of cortisol in your body causes inflammation on you skin, thus triggering flare ups. We know we cannot get rid of stress overnight but through little steps you can surely achieve that. Exercising, doing​ yoga and keeping yourself hydrated play significant roles. If stress, anxiety and feelings of sadness persists, please talk to your doctor. You are not alone and you deserve every bit of happiness.
  • Getting an adequate and comfortable sleep is a must in everyone’s life. Eczema can get very uncomfortable ripping you off a sound sleep. Applying and massaging your body with essential oils right before you go to sleep, staying away from electronic devices an hour before you retire and avoiding any high calorie food in dinner helps you get a peaceful sleep. Doctors may prescribe you to take anti histamines to induce sleep.
  • Being aware of potential trigger foods and taking certain foods to keep your skin healthy is extremely important. There’s a list of foods which commonly trigger allergic reactions. Initially, your doctor would advise you to add these potential trigger foods in your diet in very small quantities to study their effect on you. After 3-4 weeks, if it’s observed that the certain food causes no harm, you needn’t remove it from your diet but in case of any slightest negative reaction, you will be asked to remove the trigger food from your diet permanently.

Common trigger foods:

  • Tomatoes
  • Cinnamon
  • Eggs
  • Citrus fruits like oranges
  • Some diary products

Foods that keep your eczema on check:

Any food with anti inflammatory property make it suitable for healing your skin and making it glow. Most fruits and green leafy vegetables are good for your skin. So Kale, apples, spinach and cherries are some must additions to your diet.

Atopic Dermatitis/Eczema causes extreme uneasiness and discomfort and disrupts day to day life, giving you patches of rashes, dry and itchy skin and sleepless nights. You might have used many creams and prescriptions which give you relief for some time but the symptoms keep coming back gnawing your skin. But wait, you need not worry about that anymore. You now know the best way to ease your eczema after reading our article. Natural essential oils, yes.

Editors Choice: H-Eczema Formula by Amoils is one of the best essential oils with FDA approved ingredients and most sold in online market with 99% positive ratings and high re order rate.

The oils mentioned in this article are made from the best quality ingredients which protects your skin from further rashes and infections. We found them giving no allergic reactions. Essential Oils gets adsorbed very easily in your skin making it retain moisturize for long and since most of them are anti inflammatory, you can say bye-bye to muscular cramps too! The products mentioned also nourishes your skin, making you look smooth and radiant. You can find other beneficial natural oils like peppermint oil, sandalwood oil and rose oil, the products mentioned here are our favorite pick. The homeopathic compositions work dramatically well on your skin, making the skin look fresh and younger. And oh, most of them are for multiple purposes. Get that room beautifully scented and your mood uplifted.

Go make your skin glow like the smile on your face!

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