Exposed Skin Care Review 2019

Introduction: What is Acne?

Acne is when hair follicles are clogged with dead skin cells to a point where the pore stops functioning and spurts out excessive oil. Acne is characterized by the presence of blackheads (or whiteheads), pimples, a possibility of scarring and oily skin. The area of the skin that has got a high number of oil glands is usually the victim. Areas like the face (forehead, cheeks, and chin), the upper part of the chest and back are vulnerable to outbreaks of acne. In this article, we will be reviewing Exposed Skin Care and try to understand acne closely. 

Acne has got psychological impacts such as anxiety and depression as the person going through chains of acne breakouts may develop serious self-criticism towards themselves on the grounds of appearance. This impact can escalate to suicidal thoughts as well. In case you are going through such issues, seek professional help immediately.

So here we review Expose Skin Care in brief about everything you need to know before you actually buy the product yourself.

Exposed Skin Care – Care you need for your bare skin

Exposed Skin Care offers a wide range of products that you can use to get rid of acne and blemishes. Products that will keep your skin clean and glowing and what not. There is just so much you can have to keep your skin supple, healthy and glowing.

Note that, when it comes to skin, there are many products that cater to the needs of our skin. There is a broad spectrum of products available that work day in, day out to keep your face bright. What we really need to understand is, not all products are crafted keeping a general product in mind. The products we usually put on our face are of general use and they may not target a specific problem. It is important to have products that target your problem area.

Expectations from Exposed Skin Care:

  • The products should diminish, if not eliminate, acne
  • The products should keep the skin moist and supple

The three basic steps of skin care to be followed with Exposed Skin Care:

  • Cleansing: Gets the skin rid of dirt, oils, and debris
  • Toning: Forms a base for the skin to relax
  • Repairing: Rejuvenating the damaged skin

How to use?

For best results, you need to follow a morning and an evening routine. If you choose to follow any one of these two, the results may get delayed.

Morning Routine: 

Facial Cleanser:

  • Wet your face
  • Take a small portion of Facial Cleanser and turn it into a rich lather in your hands
  • Gently massage on your skin for 10-15 seconds all this while, avoid any form of contact with the eye area
  • Rinse your face thoroughly with lukewarm water
  • Use a clean towel to pat and dry your skin

Clearing Tonic:

  • Spread a small amount of Clearing Tonic on your hand (or a cotton pad) and apply it gently on your face
  • Let it stay and get absorbed by the skin

Acne Treatment Serum:

  • While the skin is still moist with the Clearing Tonic, put small quantities of the Acne Treatment Serum of areas that are heavily guarded by breakouts and acne
  • Let serum set for 3-5 minutes before you begin with the application of other products

Evening Routine:

Facial Cleanser:

  • Wet your face
  • Take a small portion of Facial Cleanser and turn it into a rich lather in your hands
  • Gently massage on your skin for 10-15 seconds all this while, avoid any form of contact with the eye area
  • Rinse your face thoroughly with lukewarm water
  • Use a clean towel to pat and dry your skin

(The same guidelines as the morning routine)

Clearing Tonic:

  • Spread a small amount of Clearing Tonic on your hand (or a cotton pad) and apply it gently on your face
  • Let it stay and get absorbed by the skin

Clear Pore Serum:

  • While the skin is still moist from Clearing Tonic, gently apply a small amount of Clean Pore serum over the entire blemish-prone area (avoid the area around the eyes)
  • Let serum completely set for 3-5 minutes
  • It is best to not apply any makeup or any other skin care products at night

Using skin repair product for the first time? Check this video out for help.

Key Ingredients:

There are two major types of ingredients used, natural ingredients and scientific ingredients.

Natural Ingredients

Green Tea:  It is considered as one of the healthiest drinks in the world that you can have. Many studies have linked the therapeutic benefits of Green Tea for a plethora of diseases. It is also known to exhibit protective traits from certain medical conditions and is also a potent antioxidant. According to a study (title: Protective Mechanisms of Green Tea Polyphenols in Skin), it has been stated that Green Tea is a rich source of plant polyphenols that exhibit a significant amount of antioxidants, chemopreventive, and immunomodulatory effects in protecting the skin.

Aloe Vera:  It is one of the most popular and the first mainstream natural ingredient that has been used in many recent applications and solutions. It is commonly known for its ability to speed up the recovery process of the skin from damage, especially from mild burns. A study showed that the application of Aloe Vera improved the biochemical, morphological, and biomechanical characteristics of the healing cutaneous wounds in the subject. This treatment option may be valuable in future clinical practices.

Tea Tree: Tea Tree oil has been in use for medicinal purposes for centuries of centuries. The oil (even extract) is packed with ample of antibacterial as well as immunostimulant properties. These properties help the body in being extra efficient when it is facing infections while in the case of skincare, bacterial attacks of the skin such as acne.

Herbal Extracts:  Herbs like Sage, Licorice, and Passionflower are all genuine skin care herbs that are capable of soothing the skin, cause a reduction in skin inflammation, scarring, and redness. Sage Extract is a naturally occurring anti-inflammatory ingredient and it is highly beneficial when it comes to treating acne,

Scientific Ingredients: 

Benzoyl Peroxide: This is one of the most dependable compounds that you can use to treat acne. The compound not only actively kills acne bacteria that is on the surface of the skin, but it also cleans deeper into the pores as well. It is also one of the few anti-acne compounds that are capable of reducing excess skin oil secretion.

Salicylic Acid: The main function played by Salicylic acid is to unclog pores that are filled with dead skin cells’ remains. Not just that, the compound also shrinks the pores which prevent it from getting clogged again.

Glycolic Acid: Glycolic Acid and Salicylic acid are cousins. They both work by breaking down dead skin cell matter. Glycolic acid has the ability to work on both, the upper layer and lower layer of the skin, giving a deeper exfoliation to the skin.

Sulfur soap: They have been around for a quite long time and they were predominantly used for acne treatment. The soap possesses oil-reducing and skin-declogging properties. The Sulfur Soap works best for people whose skin is too oily.

Azelaic Acid: This compound is responsible for fixing excessive shedding of skin cells and pop opens the follicle that results in fewer episodes of pimple breakouts. The compound has also shown to prevent the growth of acne-causing bacteria. The dual purpose served by Azelaic Acid makes it one of the most effective ingredients in quick acting and genuine acne medication.

How does the product work?

The products from Exposed Skin Care have a perfect blend of natural as well as scientific ingredients. These two sisters work in harmony to help your skin get rid of acne and related issues.

The natural ingredient work by reducing irritation and inflammation. They also heal and protect the area around the breakout region. Finally, they bring out radiance.

The scientific ingredients work by unclogging the pores and they are responsible for killing acne-causing bacteria as well. Their consistency makes them excellent in removing oil and dirt deposition from the topmost layer of the skin.


  • There is a balance in Natural and Scientific ingredients
  • The cream works in all spheres of skin care
  • Toner and Serum do not lace the skin with grease
  • They come with a Derm-x Cloth that is super soft
  • The cleansing wash does not leave the skin dry
  • They smell pleasant


  • The products are not available for offline purchasing

You can buy the product from their official website 

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How safe is Exposed Skin Care products?

Exposed is as safe as other products that are designed to cure acne are. The cleansing tonic that comes in the kit contains salicylic acid, something that most other acne products have. However, Exposed Skin Care’s products contain ample natural ingredients that other products do not have.

Some people may experience a tingling effect or a slight burning sensation when using the kit for the first time. This is a very normal occurrence and is not something that should bother you much as the sensation goes away minutes after washing. In case you have or are experiencing effects such as skin redness, extreme burning sensation, swelling or irritation after application of the product should discontinue using the product and seek quick medical attention. Other than that, the Exposed Skin Care is safe and does not offer any side-effects.

Things to know before starting acne treatment:

  • You must keep an open mind to almost all options your doctor may suggest you
  • As the treatment progresses, your skin will experience changes
  • Unless approved by your doctor, do not go for medspa treatments
  • There are going to be several sessions with the doctor before you find the perfect combination that works for your skin
  • Medications used during treatment may cause sun sensitivity
  • Long use of antibiotics may cause damage to your gut
  • You will have to strictly follow the regime your doctor has prescribed
  • The skin may show some reactive outbreaks and that is normal
  • You may experience yourself rejecting the idea that hormones are responsible for your acne
  • Not all birth control pills are going to clear your skin out
  • Start using products that have retinol in them slowly

Consumer Reviews

“Because of the Healthy, Natural ingredients, my skin has been pimple free from the first month of use. Love that these Acne Treatment Products are without chemicals that eventually cause your skin to look horrible. This is the best acne product for clear skin and the most consistent results I’ve ever had. I love it.“

– Barbra Sanders,  Sacramento CA

“I bought the ‘Basic Kit’ for my son and his skin has improved a HUGE amount in just a few months. The combination of Science and Nature is blended perfectly, absolutely the best acne treatment on the market. Not just the products but the service I received was always amazing.“

– Stephanie Wright, Seattle WA

“Love the Exposed Acne Treatment Products – While using the Expanded Kit daily, my pores have never looked smaller and my breakouts are a thing of the past. My skin has never looked or felt this good!”

– Becky Jones, Coeurd’Alene ID

“My skin has never looked better and I’ve tried several other products. With no help from dermatologists in the past, the Basic Acne Treatment Kit has eliminated my blackheads and maintained a glow I never knew my skin had. Thank you Exposed Skin Care, this is life changing!”

– Clair Bryant, Memphis TN

“Going to school involved covering my spots with my hands as often as I could.. which got exhausting and frustrating. With the best acne treatment, Exposed Skin Care has given me skin to be proud of!”– Katie


Exposed Skin Care is an amazing blend of natural and scientific ingredients that can very well repair your damaged skin. The kits are super easy to use and can help you indulge in some self-care regime.


Exposed Skin Care is worth buying.

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