Meladerm Cream Review – Why It Is Best skin lightening cream?

Meladerm Cream : What is it?

Meladerm is an all-natural, FDA Approved skin lightening cream. The cream is designed to be used on dark spots, scars and stretch marks. Meladerm cream can be used to remedy hyperpigmentation and discolored the skin as well. Most importantly, this cream does not contain any inorganic compounds, even the most common one that is used in other skin-lightening creams. (For example Hydroquinone).

Meladerm is a product of Civant Skin Care. It is an award-winning skin lightening cream with a very unique formula. The cream can be used by anyone with above 12 years of age. It is 100% organic formula makes it very gentle on the skin and quite ideal for people with sensitive skin.

Makes no mistake, Meladerm is not a bleaching cream neither does it have any bleaching properties. It simply removes unwanted hyperpigmentation caused by sunburns, hormonal imbalance, and scarring. Meladerm has been solving pigment related issues for many people since 2003. It is indeed one of the best skin whitening products on the market today.

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How Meladerm Works: 

Meladerm cream works by whitening dark spots on your skin, thus brightening your overall complexion. It reduces the visibility of sunburns and other hyperpigmentation. Dark spots and hyperpigmentation make your complexion appear lighter.

The process happens gradually, and you should note some results within two to three months if you use the cream properly. That’s quite fast as compared to other creams on the market though. The cream is quite potent, and some users have reported visible results in two weeks.

meladerm work on skin

Results are not typical though. They depend on the type and the condition of the skin. For instance, the depth of pigmentation, and the extent of sunburns is usually different. If the case is severe it might take a bit longer for you to note results. Civant Skin Care company offers a 30-day money back guarantee if the cream does not produce any visible results for you.

Meladerm ingredient’s power: 

The cream contains natural plants extracts and essential amino acids that lightens the skin and nourishes it. Meladerm delivers the highest amounts of essential vitamins and minerals to the skin. The base ingredients of the cream are meant to moisturize and nourish the skin. Meladerm can also be used as a remedy for skin problems such as acne, blemishes, and sores.

As already mentioned, Meladerm does not contain any inorganic compounds. Hydroquinone and mercury are compounds that have been for long believed to have superior skin lightening effects, but they have adverse side effects. Many inorganic skin lightening creams continue to use them. Meladerm’s ingredients are extracted from plants such as liquorice, mulberry, and bearberry. And it is 100 % natural in all aspects.


meladerm features

Meladerm cream has over 10 potent ingredients designed to lighten and nourish your skin. The ingredients target any hyperpigmentation on your skin. The cream can be used on all skin types, although the results differ on different skin types.

The cream comes packed in an airless dispensing bottle. The bottle does not let any air or light inside. Light and air are known to reduce the effectiveness of ingredients such as Kojic Acid. The cream comes in a 1.7 ounces bottle, which should last you up to two months with everyday use.

Meladerm: The Side Effects

Rarely do customers report side effects after using the Meladerm cream. And if any consumer reports of side effects, they are often mild and overshadowed by other benefits the cream has to offer. However, people with very sensitive skin, or with skin conditions, who might experience some side effects after using Meladerm cream.

The side effects include:

  • The cream lightens your skin and exposes it to more penetration by the sun’s rays and radiation. Increased exposure to sun damage and burns.
  • Some people will experience minor cracks on the skin. This side effect is normally temporary and occurs within the first 3 weeks of application. It is rarely reported though.
  • People with overly sensitive skin might experience mild irritation.
The solution to undo the side effects: 

It is important that you use the cream with sunscreen lotion or any other sunblock products. Meladerm has exfoliating effects, which makes your skin soft and easily penetrable. An appropriate sunscreen will protect your skin against harsh radiation and reduce the risk of sunburns.

Meladerm pros and cons:


  • Meladerm is a FDA approved skin lightening and whitening product.
  • Meladerm is very effective in remedying hyperpigmentation and sunburns. The cream can also get rid of dark birthmarks.
  • The cream is cruelty-free. The cream is made of all natural ingredients and it, therefore, does not have any harsh effects on the skin.
  • The cream can solve skin problems such as acne and skin irritation. Acne is often caused by clogged hair follicles and lack of moisture. Meladerm is quite effective in moisturizing the skin and opening up its pores.
  • Meladerm is appropriate for all skin types. Children as young as 12 years can use the cream. It is an ideal cream for persons getting into and going through puberty.


  • (Except for the few side effects outlined above, there are not many cons to using Meladerm cream)
  • Meladerm is an expensive skin cream, as compared to other creams on the market. It goes for as much as $120 on Amazon. Its effectiveness makes it worth every penny though.

Where to Buy Meladerm: 

The Meladerm cream is available at Civant Skin Care website. It is also available on online stores such as Amazon, Wal-Mart, and eBay. Buying from the official website is the best option though. While these other stores are reputable, the product is often listed by third-party resellers and merchants. It often costs more on these sites, and you might not enjoy the same customer service as you would on the official site.

The great deal about this product?

The review above highlights many of the most notable benefits of Meladerm cream. The most prominent aspect is the fact that it is one of the few creams that do not rely on inorganic bleaching agents to lighten the skin. Meladerm is more than just a skin lightening cream. It nourishes and moisturizes the skin, as well as remedying acne and irritation. Meladerm is an all-around skin cream that will leave your skin healthy, and looking attractive.

People who have used the cream before are the only ones who can ascertain its effectiveness. Below is a comprehensive review from a customer who has used Meladerm cream before.

Consumer’s review: 

Hello. I am from Georgia, and I have a Caucasian complexion.  I started using Meladerm scream 6 months ago. It has been 10 years since I started dealing with acne as a teenager. The acne usually causes sore spots that usually left dark spots on my face. I’ve struggled to find a product that would get rid of the dark spot for me all through until a friend of mine recommended the Meladerm cream.

(This is Georgia, today, living a life free from acne)

This is what my journey with the cream has been like.

About my condition: 
I had my first acne breakout as a teenager and had to see a dermatologist after I tried a couple of creams and none was working. The doctor recommended a certain medicated cream that has always been effective in getting rid of the sores and soothing irritation.

However, when the sores dry out, they leave dark spots on my face. A lot of dark spots had accumulated on my face over the years. Many skin lightening creams have always been inappropriate for me because they contain harsh inorganic bleaching agents. My skin is very sensitive and I would get irritations whenever I tried any. A lot of dark spots had accumulated on my face to the point of altering my normal complexion.

After Using Meladerm:
A friend of mine recommended Meladerm cream, after witnessing my predicament. At first, I was a bit skeptical because of the price tag on it. I gave it a try anyway. At the time, I was trying anything that was not harsh to my sensitive skin.

First Week of using Meladerm:

The cream was a great moisturizer for my skin during the first week of use. There wasn’t much change in terms of the appearance of my skin though. My friend has warned me that it would take a while for me to see visible results.

Week Three of using Meladerm:

Nothing much had changed as far as my appearance was concerned by the end of Week Three. My skin had fewer bumps and felt fresher and better moisturized though. My skin felt more aerated and relaxed than it had ever been.

Week Five of using Meladerm:

After using the cream for about a month and a half, I started seeing some change in my complexion. The dark spots were less dark, and my skin appeared brighter.  A lot of the spots were still visible but you could clearly see a difference.

I was on my second purchase by then, and I could feel a very big difference on my skin. I got excited and continued using Meladerm cream religiously.

Six months into using Meladerm: 

I have no dark spot on my face, and my skin looks almost the same as when I was a little girl. Not only did Meladerm cream get rid of all the spots, but it also solved my acne issues. I haven’t experienced any breakouts since I started using the cream. Meladerm is like a life-saver for me. I now have brighter and glowing skin. Thanks to Meladerm.

Types of Skin:

There are four widely known skin types, namely:

  1. Normal skin type
  2. Dry Skin type
  3. Oily skin type
  4. Combination skin type

Let us learn about these skin types in brief:

  1. Normal skin type: 

Scientifically defined as eudermic, normal skin type is a well-balanced skin. The T-zone (the forehead, chin and the nose) can be a bit oily whereas, the sebum and moisture is balanced. The skin is neither soaked in oil nor it is dry as paper.

Identifying Normal skin:

  • The normal skin type has got fine pores
  • The circulation of blood for a normal skin type is really good
  • The skin has a soft and smooth texture to it
  • There are nearly no blemishes
  • The normal skin type is not prone to sensitivity

2. Dry skin type:

When the skin produces less amount of sebum than it should, this lack causes the skin to dry out. Dry skin type lacks lipids that are needed to retain moisture. Lipids are also responsible for building a protective shield to safeguard the skin against any foreign intervention.

What causes the skin to dry: 

The skin dries up because it is constantly losing water happening as a result of:

  • Perspiration is when the glands lose water either because of heat, stress or activity (as well as inactivity)
  • Tans-epidermal water loss (aka TEWL) is when the skin diffuses water that’s there n deeper layers of skin. The skin loses about half a liter of water every day
  • Lack of hydration of the skin. As the skin loses water, its structure falls and in order to keep that structure intact, it is important to stay hydrated.

3. Oily Skin Type: 

Overly active production of sebum causes oiliness. This overproduction is known as seborrhea in medical terms.

There is a number of issues that may trigger the overproduction of sebum: 

  • The topmost being genetics
  • Even hormonal changes and imbalances can cause overproduction of skin oils
  • Some medications can cause the skin to either dry out or overproduce oil
  • Parameters like stress, anxiety and tension
  • Even some form of allergy can make the skin to oil excessively

Here’s how you can identify different types of oily skin?

Oily skin is typically characterized by:

  • The presence of enlarged that have clear visibility
  • A glossy shine that covers the face at all times
  • The presence of thicker, pale skin that may cause the invisibility of blood vessels
  • Oily skin is prone to blackheads and whiteheads and is also targetted by varying forms of acne.

4. Combination Skin Type:

This skin type has got different characteristic around the face. The skin types show a variation in the T-zone and in the cheeks.

Combination skin is typically characterized by:

  • The presence of an oily T-zone (forehead, chin, and nose)
  • The enlarged pores in the T-zone and cheek area with some impurities
  • The cheek’s structure being anywhere between normal to dry
  • The oilier parts of combination skin are caused as a result of an overproduction of sebum in that area
  • The drier parts of combination skin are caused as a result of =lack of sebum and a corresponding lipid deficiency in a particular area

Conclusion and Verdict:

The Meladerm Skin Whitening cream is sure to give your skin a natural glow without subjecting you to any form of skin damage. The cream promises to give your skin a permanent break from issues like acne, blemishes, and dark-spots, etc. It is in the best interest of the consumer to understand their skin type before going forth with using the product on the skin.